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Wedding Bells

What is your responsibility for a couple that is getting married?

You get an invitation in the mail; and you might think, "well, can I go?"
What gift might I bring?

Will it be a fun wedding?
Will they serve free food and an open bar?

But the real responsibility for attending a wedding is to take part!

To wish them well is great!
To give a gift to bless them is wonderful!

But remembering to pray for them is the best gift of all!

Why we must help them to stay married and to learn how to
Be a Good Husband and A Good Wife...
It honors each other and brings glory to God!

To understand the seriousness of making a vow?
A covenant to God?

Who here thinks marriage is easy?
It's work, and the only work that will provide long lasting benefits!

She will have to learn to do many new things!
He will have to learn to do many things!

But the biggest challenge is learning to not put oneself first any longer!

We live in a world of selfies...
Truly, whether it be any social media, people love to take pictures
Of themselves...
Look At Me!!!

I find it a bit too much!

If there is no benefit for me then I am not interested!
"You have heard the saying- Well, that's enough about me;
Now, tell me what YOU think of ME..."

Getting married is a good thing!
Staying married is even better!
Pray to marry the right person!
Get wise counsel!

I can promise you this; no matter who you marry or when you marry;
You will still have to stop the selfish me syndrome;
And look to one another needs.

Then comes the children
Then they grow up and leave home.
Some become selfish and never look back;

And once again, it will be the two of you!
Have you made the effort to become one?
Its daily work!!
But it's really not all about you, Now is it??

Our Grandson is married now and we will pray daily for them!
We will do all we can,  to help their marriage succeed!

As Always, Loving and Living
But praying, to live my life for His Glory!

Any advice for the newly wedded couple?
Leave a comment and I will send it to them!
You never know the impact of wise words...


  1. Congratulations to the newlyweds. May God bless them with His joy, peace and wisdom.

    Hugs from Shirley

  2. Congrats to the couple getting married. How exciting and looks like a nice wedding.

  3. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Loving the Lord first and foremost, then each other! That pretty much keeps everything else in proper perspective. Blessings and xx

  4. What lovely photos, Roxy! My advice would be....marriage isn't giving's always giving 100 percent, even if your partner seems to be giving a smaller portion of himself that day....pray for the strength to give it your "all"...everyday. Jesus is totally committed to His Bride, the church. May we be the same to our spouse.

  5. Happy for your family. Father God, I pray that this couple will draw closer to you and closer together as time goes by and troubles come and go. Bless them with a true love and respect for each other as they learn to be one. I ask it all in Jesus' name.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
    P.S. I like to give hand made dish cloths and a big bottle of dish soap with a note that says, "A bride for a day, a wife for life."

  6. Sweet friend, what a surprise to see this post! May I say congratulations to the happy and beautiful couple {{smiles}} Marriage is such a precious gift and indeed, staying married is best. Hubby and I will celebrate 12 years of wonderful marriage in May. I have been so blessed and I have to say that marriage only gets better with time. My love and appreciation for my husband grows deeper and stronger every year.

    I wish your grandson and his new wife all the best! I will be praying for them as they grow closer together as a couple and as they grow closer to the Lord. Love and hugs to you, Roxy!

  7. We've been married 40 years. Great advice here in the comments. So not to duplicate any, I would advice LAUGHTER. We laugh more now then we did then in the beginning. I didn't know I married a comedian.

  8. What a beautiful wedding Roxy! I know you and Amy worked so hard to make it beautiful for them, I saw the pictures on IG. Such a world we live in today where the commitment to marriage is sorely tested. So many good things have been said by your readers already, and all I could add is that it takes not two to make a marriage, but three... husband, wife and the Lord. It is His help, guidance and love for us that makes a marriage last. So exciting for them to embark on a new life together, and how wonderful that they have such a loving family to be there for them, to pray with them and love them through the ups and downs that life brings. Blessings and hugs to you sweet friend!

  9. This is late I know but I wanted to say that they need to always make Christ the center. Also have a good couples devotional that doesn't water down scripture. A good one is called Moments Together or something like that by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

  10. As a wife of 47 yrs and counting, my counsel to the young couple would be the following:
    1) Find a Christ centered church for a place to put down roots & grow in Christ together as a couple. A church home will give you fellowship with fellow believers of ALL ages. Friends who will pray & lift you up in good times and bad. You both will need accountability in your marriage and fellow believers who love you is the best way to receive godly counsel!
    2) Take the Dave Ramsey course on Financial Peace!
    I wish there had been something like this for me and my husband back in 1973. Many problems and arguments could have been avoided if we had known godly principals of financial stewardship. If you can't find a local church offering the course, it's available online. Just Google Dave Ramsey! I can promise you, this one piece of advice will change the direction of your marriage and financial future toward FINANCIAL PEACE. And no, I'm not a spokesman for Dave Ramsey, just a true believer from the school of hard knocks! We were married at age 19/20 and knew nothing about money!lol
    3) My third piece of advice is to learn how to disagree with being disagreeable. Pick your battles, Please! Ask yourself if this issue is a hill you want to die on!
    Or as the famous quote goes, "Do you want to be Right, or Do you want to be Happy?!"

    I wish you a long, joy filled, prosperous, and contented life together!

    Jane Ellen Hillis
    Gmama Jane


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