Wednesday, March 6, 2019

If You Do Not Have Anything Nice To Say Don't say Anything At All...

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Be An Encourager

To encourage means to in-courage...

We all need to be encouraged!

I want to remind myself of this important biblical teaching.

I was remembering my Mother saying to all of us as we were growing up;
"If you do not have anything nice to say, Don't say anything at all!"

I have had to remember this often in my life!

Because Life is hard and people can be difficult;

And sometimes I just want to tell these difficult people
What I truly think of their self-centered behavior.

In our day to day life we do not always get what I call a do over.

Sometimes we only get one shot to do the right thing!!

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One of Satan's greatest weapons he uses is discouragement!

Knowing the enemy's tactics is a powerful thing.

How might this tool be used in the life of each of us?

When we become weary or ill, we have less resistance to discouragement.
When we are targets of hurtful words.
When we are made fun of and they make jokes about the way you talk.
When people ignore you!
When the finances become tight
When everything seems to go wrong
When you have a long spell of bad weather
When you do not have your quiet time

When you just need God to send an In-courager to you!

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I always remind myself of how David encouraged himself;
But, we all know that we are given the examples in the Word;
To encourage one another!!

These are a bit like the days of Noah;
But, I choose to live each day doing a little more encouraging
to others when I am able to do this!

We all must carry on!
Make a nice meal or dessert!
Enjoy the moment!

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As Always I desire to live in a way that is pleasing to my Lord...

God, please help me to remember that if I do not have anything nice,
To say may I not say anything at all...

Always, Roxy


  1. My mother taught us that same saying. I, too, have had to remember it often. I have had several years now of physical issues and some of the hurtful things people have said have cut like a knife. I thank God every day for the husband he has blessed me with, who has stood by my side and encouraged me every moment of every day. Thank you for another wonderful blog post Roxy.

  2. Beautiful Blessings to you!

  3. So agree Roxy, my mother sued to say that, think it’s a mother’s phrase from mothering handbook no matter what the continent you are on!
    Yes, we are commanded to be encouragers, it’s not a request, or suggestion but a command in scripture .. straight after Heb 10:25 on being faithful in church we often quite that verse but the next one is equally important, in 10:27
    “Exhorting one another (or encouraging one another), and so much the day (of the LORD’s return) approaching.
    Amen! How the word picks one up too. Thanks for being a blessing Roxy,
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}

  4. Thank you for this reminder, Roxy.
    I enjoy your beautiful and encouraging blog.

  5. I agree- I think we all need to be encouraged AND to BE encouragers...some days more than others. I hope you have a wonderful night, Roxy. Blessings- xo Diana

  6. If I lived nearby, I'd just give you a big hug!

  7. There are some truly unlovable people in the world around us. Sometimes, however, when someone is acting out, we don't know what they are going through...maybe they've just received some bad news, or lost a loved one. Who knows what their home life is? We might be the only person that says "hello" to them that whole day, or even smiles their way. You are right, Roxy. Holding our tongue is the best thing, for we don't walk in other's shoes.
    Thank you for the reminder.
    Love you.

  8. This is the Christian way, to build up other people, and is also part of our national American character! Let us look to the future with great anticipation and hope, instead of gloom and doom! Thanks for speaking this truth! I'm not sure young people hear this kind of encouragement.

  9. I appreciate ALL your encouragement and advice. It never hurts to hear it over and over again. Just like Peter wrote, to remind others, too.

  10. Saved as a favorite, I like your website!

  11. Dear Roxy, Just today I was reading in
    Hebrews 10:24,25 and realized that this is my ministry to the ladies in the church. All of us need this or God would not have told us to go about doing it๐Ÿ˜Š. How grateful I am for your ministry of encouragement and teaching us ladies the way to glorify our Lord.

    Thank you so much.
    Trish clark


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