Thursday, November 13, 2014

For Pete Sake...

For Pete's Sake...

Why do I do some of the things I do?
Some days we just need to take inventory;
What are you doing that is driving your Husband nuts?
Or making a very negative impression on our children.

Are you murmuring under your breath, while doing your housework?
Can he or your children hear you grumble over the piles of
Loads of laundry sitting by the washer?

Are you whining that we have to cook another meal again?
After all, you just finished washing up with that last sink of dirty dishes.

Grumble, stumble and lose your peace;
And you rob it from everyone else around you!

Learning to be joyful while working at keeping your home!
Learning can only happen if you are teachable:

That is why it is important to take inventory of how and what.
How are you acting?
If you are really brave, try asking your Husband or Children
This question;
Is there something I am doing that rather irritates you!
(You had better be ready for some truth here)

I have done that a few times in many years of marriage,
I am glad that I did as it allowed me to see a few things
That caused unrest in our relationship.

Men do not admire a wife who nagged at them all the time.
They take it personally when we complain we don't have enough
of something we may want in our shopping baskets.

Children can feel that they are the source of contention in a home
Where they hear all the time how much work you have to do
everyday for them. And I am all for training children to
appreciate what they have and to be good stewards of it.

My Mother would say when she was overwhelmed or
upset over something, this little phrase.
(For Pete's sake)

Okay, so this post is for my Mother and of course;
(Pete's Sake)
Whoever he is...

Here is the only Pete I can think of...

Pete from the Little Rascals...
My Hero

And remember we all cannot be the Chief Indian
We need squaws and little Indians too!

Here is a little video of the pooch;
Click The Link Below

The Pooch


  1. Such a good word Roxy! Doing things with a joyful and cheerful spirit is definitely what we should be doing at all times....and especially around our husband and children!

  2. My dog is the same breed with the same markings as Pete from the Little Rascals. :0) I try so hard not to lose that wonderful contentment that is freely given from Our Lord. When I do, I feel lost and quite disoriented! mari

  3. Cute post! I was telling a friend last night that I would not be at a particular upcoming meeting because 'We have too many chiefs and not enough indians.' I'll wait til the dust settles and be an 'indian.' :-) And I've used the phrase 'For Pete's sake' far too often. LOL

  4. When I catch myself mumbling and groaning over things my husband has left out or how much laundry my mother has sent me to do, I try to think quickly of the blessings I have in marrying a great person and still having my mother. I wish I had the patience of Pete from the Little Rascals!

  5. Petey! I remember cute Petey - a great dog! Roxy, what a wonderful lesson today. It was convicting, in a good way, for I often find myself being a Negative Nellie and grumbling over the smallest things. My kids are all grown-up, but I know there are days when I drive my hubby to distraction with my complaining. Thanks for the reminder that I must readjust my attitude, for it has the potential to bring everyone down - including myself.


  6. LOL- Good post, Roxy! I heard that saying growing up too-- Oh- For Pete's Sake. Okay- now I am surprised that you don't know who Pete is! lol It is St. Peter and when they wanted to "swear" in Biblical times (and beyond) they would use Pete's name in vain rather than God/Jesus. It sounded a whole lot better!;>) xo Diana

  7. When I catch myself begin to mutter under my breath about some little wrong my husband has committed, I immediately remember to stop it, and thank God for him instead. What does it matter if he doesn't always remember to shut the cabinet? And I remember my mom saying for Pete's sake and have always wondered who Pete was. She also told us to behave a lot and I always wondered how I could be "have."
    I remember that dog and we watched The Little Rascals. Spanky McFarlin came to our town and we went to see him.

  8. Great post as always Roxy. I sometimes find myself grumbling about everything I have to do. Working full time and keeping house can be taxing, but I try to remember how very blessed I am and don't let myself grumble too often or too much. I have been exhausted lately though which makes it worse. I look forward to Thanksgiving...I need a break from work. I need some time to relax and refocus. Have a blessed Friday my friend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  9. My mother used to say, "For pity's sake..."

    The Lord has done a number on me about murmuring and complaining, mumbling and grumbling. I'm deeply grateful that my prayers that the sins of the fathers have availed and my daughters are cheerful and always singing and pleasant in their homes. I'm SURE they have their days-- we ARE flesh!

    Yes, Pete was such a cute dog! And I wonder: Wasn't he a pit bull? Boy, they get such bad press these days.

    Have a great weekend, Roxy!

  10. For Petes Sake, I love the little Rascals! lol! I'm sure I do things that are annoying to my hubby and children, but housework would not be one of them. For some uncanny reason washing dishes, doing laundry, and cleaning house is very therapeutic for me. I quite enjoy it. Great post and we all need to remember to be happy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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