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Why Leaving A Comment Is The Most Important Thing About Blogging...

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Why Commenting is maybe more important than the content of your writing!
Shock Waves reverting within Blog Land...

Do you know what validating someone means?
Sure you do!
It is saying something to someone that connects you.
It says I can see and hear you!
Now if you want a private blog as a journal (Great)
But if you are going to join every Link Party and never leave a comment,
on another blog post that has been written by another
 you are being unfriendly and self promoting!!
If God has called you to Blog in a community;
Then I can tell you this one thing;
YOU are not an Island in a stream!

We all have a piece of the puzzle,
We don't do this life alone;
We are a body!

May I ask you this question?
Are you Blogging for yourself?
Or the sake of others?

We might just be missing the whole purpose and benefit of Blogging.
If we do not MAKE time to read other people's post they have written.
Or MAKE time to comment on them!

Your Blog will grow if you do what Christ has called you to do!
I want to prosper with His leading and to bring others along side.

I realize you will not have time to comment all the time;
But NEVER...
Shame on you!
It is like totally ignoring those who come to visit You!

It is important to comment on maybe a new blogger
 Just to say hello or welcoming them to blogging!

If your Blog is so big now and can't do it, find someone who will for you!
Or, maybe an email once a month; you could do a bulk send out;
Not very personnel. But is better than nothing...

He has told us to encourage one another!

Word Verification;
Take it OFF
And for those who use Word Verification, Switch to registered user!
Or comment moderation!
 Or take off the comment box...

No Reply Blogger;
That can be frustrating when you want to reply back to someone!
Set up an account and allow others to contact you!!
Go to your Profile and add an Email
(Use a different one for your blog if you want)

Kind and encouraging words!
Only debate on blogs that are open to that type of response.
You have the right to delete any comment that offends or brings strife.
Comment back in an Email or go to their blog and comment!
(Most people will not return back to read your reply)
You also can allow anonymous if you use commenting Moderation.

Blog Lists;
Add interesting blogs you enjoy!
Not having a blog roll seems a bit (self)
Choose just a few if you have trouble with loading!

I have been on blogs that have more advertisement, then anything else!
I find these a bit over the top!
(They are hard to load up and takes way to long)
Just keep your readers in mind...

Be consistent with writing your post!
Once a week, or twice or everyday!
Write a few posts and have them in your drafts!
Schedule when going on a holiday!
Keep the post or articles not too long.
(Unless of course it is a book)
Add some pictures!
Find your voice and your space and blog!

Starting a Blog
There are now more blogs being written everyday.
They say there is a community in every aspect imaginable.
Find what really interest you
What is a desire of your heart?
Is this a subject that can write often about?
Writing what you are passionate about is very important!
Is this a season in your life that will allow you the luxury of blogging?
Having a Blog requires discipline and stewardship!

Public Blog Or Private
A public blog is for everyone to read!
If they find your address they can read the context;
Most bloggers I feel are writing for a specific audience.
A private Blog can be good for keeping family pictures and information.
Or for maybe a small group dealing with special issues.
Or if you just want a private journal for your thoughts.

Link Parties
They can be very fun and a great way to meet new bloggers!
I have a page on the top of my blog showing the parties I link to.
This is where you need to leave comments, at least one!
Thank the Host!!
Read the rules!
And if you are the one hosting the party;
(Please keep the rules to a minimum)

Types Of Blogs
Mommy Blogs
Home Repair
Marriage Advice
How to Be A Homemaker

As you can see the list can go on and on!

Write what is important to you!
May it bless others and honor God!
Make friends all over the world!
Writing is a wonderful way to express and grow in many ways!
Being kind to others is a lovely thing;

Did this post help you in anyway?
Do you have a thought that I can add to these ideas?
Remember, blogging is a community...

Just a last note reminder;
This is not to be a burden or a rule. but rather a real connection
With a few, then a ton with those who have no interest in you.
Remember, we have our lives we are called to live :o)


  1. I enjoyed what you wrote. It is true what you wrote.

    I try to comment on peoples.

    I also do things as right now I am making my daughter a 50th Scrapbook in morning or afternoon. Then at night I watch tv with hubby.

    I do try to get to your post the best I can.

    I did find two sites . Over bearing as they think they are the best and the others that had join are Media Yoga. Get a comment to the others who get loads. I say a click social group.

    Others I quit as I took on too much.

    I also know when I see others leave. They have told me. That not one of the group wrote private as is there something that we did or why have you left. We missed you.

    I decided in my busy time. I blog for me. Who wants to comment do and others if not. That is okay for me. It used to bother me.

    I do my best to comment others and that is all I can do.

  2. Well said Roxy! You, my dear, are a friend to all you meet! Always encouraging others to do their best! So happy to call you my friend!! Hugs to a darling girl!!!!

  3. I agree with you Roxy. I never wanted to get so big that I couldn't reply to every single email from a woman needing advice and I try to comment on most of the comments left on my blog. I comment on many others when I feel I have something to add or to say. I very much dislike the ones with a lot of advertisements. I usually stop visiting them because they get annoying and sometimes they show very inappropriate things. I know some women have a lot of little children or other things that keep them from responding to comments and this is when we need to give them grace! Thank you for commenting on my blog once in awhile. I appreciate it!

  4. Hi Roxy, This is a very good post. Kindness and being considerate of other bloggers is paramount. I agree with what you have said. In the past I have had experience with two bloggers where I commented on their blogs repeatedly, who NEVER once commented or emailed back. It made me upset, and I stopped reading their blogs. There have also been times when a blog I'm following changes focus, OR a blogger uses lots of photos that aren't their own (from the internet) and don't give credit - I stop reading these as well. I have a big hang-up where copyright violations (using someone else's material without permission, without crediting the source) are occurring and I just cannot support bloggers who do this. I do not, however, leave negative comments. It's better just to open the back door and walk away.

  5. Dear Roxy,
    Your post today really opened my eyes to all the aspects of blogging! Thank you. I don't blog, but I do read certain types of blogs. I also don't have any type of "ID" or "account," so I usually have to comment as "anonymous." Some of my favorite blogs require that commenters sign in with a type of ID or account and don't offer the anonymous option, and also don't provide a contact email, so I've never been able to tell them how their particular post blessed me. As I don't really have a technical bent, I don't expect that I'll ever have a blog, but I do appreciate those who do and who take the time to write helpful, encouraging articles. Have a wonderful day serving our awesome God! Mrs. L.

  6. Oh wow, my last post was on similar lines Roxy, so I was happy to see yours! Good advice.

    I usually keep between 15 and 20 drafts--many of them more or less done--in case I ever run into a mental block on what to post.

  7. A wonderful post, Roxy. I hope lots of people read it. So true...those that blog and put out their time and energy love to be recognized with a comment. And-you are right about leaving nice comments....what was it my auntie said? If you don't have anything nice to say about someone come sit by me? No-No---that wasn't it! It was- If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything.

    Have a great Wednesday- xo Diana

  8. OUCH!
    I'm guilty on some of the points but I always leave a comment when I visit someone.
    All good points about blogging. I think I will "rearrange" a few things.
    I enjoy your blog!!!!
    Makes me think - ouch!

  9. Great tips Roxy, I would have loved to have had these tips when I first started blogging. I can second the removal of the word verification. I have a terrible time trying to read them so seldom leave comments on blogs that have them. Your blog is always such an encouraging and a lovely place to visit.

  10. Hi Roxy, this is such a great post and so important. I blog because I love to share with others and be an encourager and supporter too.

    I have been very blessed with wonderful friends in blogland and I am so thankful. I also believe it is important to use good blog etiquette in visits. I always visit blogs back that visit me. I reply to some if needed, but I feel it better to over to the blog and visit instead showing I am interested in what they do as well. There are some bloggers who I visit faithfully and they never ever visited me. I still visit on occassion and maybe at some point they might be interested in what I share too.
    I don't expect anything in return for visiting.
    Recently I changed my blog settings to a noreply because of blog glitches and it made a difference in my comments arriving to my inbox instead of spam or the dashboard. Hard to believe that would make a difference but I am leaving it this way for now because it has helped so much.

    I no longer join link parties very often except on a now and then link up and our Embracing Cottage Style blog. This season I am extremely busy with my shop and blog posts to stay current. Many of the link ups I did link too never resulted in visits back. So I have to choose carefully because when I link up I visit.

    We have to pick and choose what works best for us when we blog. I don't think we should ever take too much personally because the community is very large and we can only do so much in the course of a day when being on the computer.
    All in all I still believe kindness matters and am always inspired by every blog I visit in some way or another.
    Thank you for sharing the topic.
    Blessings to you.

  11. Very good post Roxy. Google+ has an annoying habit of every once in a while reverting me to a no-reply blogger, without my knowledge. Usually someone tells me, and I go fix it. That is frustrating.
    Before I had a blog, I never left a comment. I don't know why, maybe I thought bloggers didn't care whether I commented or not. Boy, was I wrong. Now, if I take the time to read a post in its entirety I always try to leave a comment. I know how much work writing a post is, and I know how much I love comments myself.
    It seems the bloggers I personally visit and vice versa are so kind and encouraging. Love that.
    I stopped doing most link parties because some are so big, and I really didn't have time.

  12. Great post Roxy and I can say I totally agree with you on the points you made. It is important to least occasionally. Just like in all parts of our pays to be nice and courteous. Thanks for always giving such good advice and for doing it in a nice way...:) You are a blessing to me!

    Hugs, Vicky

  13. Hi Roxy, Before I read this post, I was going back through your old posts on things in the Spirit-loved all that I read. Then I read this, your post is so right on; I for one don't always comment because of time constraints but try to comment when I can. Thanks for this.
    Hugs, Noreen

  14. Great post, Roxy. Let me just say thank you for making me feel welcome right from the get-go when I started my blog a year and half ago. The day that my blog gets so big that I don't have the time to reply to a comment (like that will really is the day that I don't want to do it anymore. Thanks for this post!

  15. Excellent advi Roxy,
    I've been blogging for nine years. I blog every day.
    Mine is hit and miss because I blog even when I'm too tire to think, but still I write.
    I use the blog to help refine my style and it's helped me find my voice which I think is vital for anyone investing the time to post with regularity.
    Great thoughts and advice that everyone cane use.

  16. Hi Roxy,

    What a wonderful post!
    Encouraging, uplifting, and appreciating the efforts of bloggers is so very important.

    I am not a blogger, but I daily peruse, enjoy, and benefit from those who selflessly spend time writing and sharing on a regular basis.

    Many blessings to you.

  17. Hi Roxy, I have just stumbled across your blog and so glad I did! I blog weekly and for the rest of the week I like to read, reply and visit those who have visited me and commented, along with visiting those on my blog roll, commenting as much as I can. Gradually it feels as though you are catching up with friends over a cup of tea each week. I love it so much! Take care x

  18. I'm a fairly new follower of yours. I appreciate your heart in writing this post. I've been blogging for a little bit. I'm trying to be more faithful at it. When I do read a post I try to remember to leave a comment because I know how much it means to me as a small blogger to receive a comment. This was a gentle kick in the pants post. Blessings, Diane

  19. I loved this post, Roxy. It was like a "how to be a really nice blogger" lesson. Thanks.
    Hugs to you,
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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