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How To Make A Tea Cozy...

How to make a tea cozie, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Making Tea Cozies

Making tea cozies are very easy and so much fun to make!
Getting so much enjoyment from them this next cooler season.
I think many vintage tea rituals have become a lost art.

I have always loved seeing a tea cozy being used.
After all, if we want a cup of tea, we want to drink it Hot!
So, if you get in the habit of brewing up a nice pot of tea,
This little tea cozy would be a wonderful addition.

I have quite a few tea cozies
 as I wanted one of each different fabric I made them in.
But I did give a few away;

Items Needed:
1/2 yard of material for outside: 
1/2 yard of material for the lining:
 You can use fleece for this also
1/2 yard of batting or fiber: 
(For insulating between layers)
This batting is what keeps the tea nice and hot!

You will be needed two of the outside materials, lining and batting;
So place your pattern on the fold of your material!

And a pattern 11x14 shaped like a half circle
(Use a paper sack or wrapping paper)

Lace (for the bottom edge)

Buttons for the top if you want one!

You can really embellish it with anything you like!

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

This is a very easy and fun sewing idea!
Quick yet look very professional sewn.
They are pretty costly to purchase for one's self.

~See my sweet strawberry pin cushion~

Having a good sharp pair of scissors is wonderful to cut the
fabric out with.

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Here is a very easy tutorial we found after we figured it out
for ourselves! She has a British accent she explains it very well!
Just click on it:

Easy Tea Cozy for you to sew by Debbie Shore

Here is my friends blog post showing her Tea Cozy
I made her last year.

Tea Cozy, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

When we made these Tea Cozy's last year we had a day long
~Sewing Day~

In order to get so many made we worked side by side;
We had so many lovely fabrics to choose from;
My friend Pam had a closet filled with fabric,
She was so gracious in sharing with us ladies.
Thank You Pam!

Living From Glory to Glory Blog, Sewing Craft

The sweet red one was one my DIL made;
She did place some cute buttons on hers!

I also made another one for a dear friend that I wanted to share
Here is a link to one of my favorite bloggers
You may know her; Her name is Lydia,
She has been a source of encouragement to me for a very long time.
Visit her lovely blog here:
Home Living

I hope you will try your hand at this fun and lovely tea cozy!

Love, Roxy


  1. These are so cute and so necessary. I'm thinking of using a sweater sleeve to be a cozy for my French press. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. I've never heard of a tea cozy so I'm glad I stumbled across your blog today. I drink tea a lot in the winter so a tea cozy would come in handy. Have a wonderful weekend... :)

  3. Good morning, my friend! There is a pretty blanket of snow covereing our yard and mountains - how is the weather in your neck of the woods?

    Your tea cozy is darling! I think I might have to try my hand at one. And I love the addition of the lace - it makes is so lovely and feminine.

    Happy weekend, sweet lady! Love to you!

  4. Your cozy are so pretty,Roxy, and sound easy to make. I don't do much sewing these days.

  5. I've always wanted to make one of these. Thank you for the tutorial, Roxy. The rose cozies are really beautiful!!
    I'm thinking Christmas gift ideas.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Those are just so cute,Roxy. I have not had a tea cozy in years. Tea does NOT like me- I can't take the tannic acid in it. But these would make a fun little gift for someone that loves tea. xo Diana

  7. My daughter and I have small amounts of these same fabrics that would be just right for tea cozies. I made mother and daughter dresses from the beige background, burgundy rose print you have there.

  8. What a great gift idea for Christmas! You are so creative. Have a blessed weekend!

  9. These are beautiful Roxy. I love the fabrics you have used on them. Thanks for the mention! Pinning!

  10. Those tea cozies are very pretty. I'm not much of a sewer, but they look like they're not too hard to make.

  11. You have JAM-PACKED this post with goodies today, Roxy! I can't WAIT to go check everything/everyONE out! *click* *click*

    Hugs and happy tea cozies,

  12. The tea cozies are precious and so useful. I have a few that I enjoy using but I do not sew any longer. I know the day of sewing and choosing from beautiful fabrics was a blessing! God bless your weekend.

  13. Roxy...these are ADORABLE and look "sew" simple to make! Have a lovely weekend and stay warm!!

  14. They are just beautiful Roxy! I have made mine but I tend to embroider them. What wonderful gifts :o) mari

  15. Such pretty tea cozies to not only keep a teapot warm but to dress it up ever so prettily! Great tutorial...thank you!

  16. I saw your tea cozies on Charm of Home. So very pretty, and they don't look too hard to make. You're right, they are kind of pricey in the stores. I have to have a tea cozy, because I like my tea hot. And I enjoy Lady Lydia's blog, too.
    Thanks for the tutorial Roxy.

  17. Your cozies are darling! I like the fabrics you chose. I have the last one in my kitchen as my daughter made me a ferment cover with it :) Will have to get out the scissors and try making some!

  18. Oh, how I love Tea Cozies! Yours are just beautiful! Reminds me of some sewing I have to do.


  19. Your tea cozies are lovely and the tutorial is very useful and clear. Two suggestions...use wool roving for the batting...true, it can't be washed in a machine but it does keep tea warmer longer. If you do use wool, spray the cozy with a soil Scotch Guard which will keep it cleaner longer and easier to spot clean.

  20. We had such fun making them that day didn't we?

  21. Those are beautiful! :) I may have to try one.

  22. Hi Roxy, these tea cozies are darling. What a wonderful project. I have a couple and really love mine. Sure need to try and sew a few for gifts.
    Thank you for sharing your directions.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  23. Beautiful, love the fabric and lace :))

  24. So cute Roxy! I see that one is the same fabric as my darling apron. I love it! I haven't made a tea cozy. Think I'd better after the holidays. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. So charming! I love a good tea cozy.

  26. two years ago at our ladies Bible Study for our Tea Luncheon they decided to have tea cozies for prizes. I am not a great sewer so I went on line and found a pattern. I went to the thrift store and found fabric and began my cozies till I had my likes down. Then I went to the fabric store and purchased fabric and made them. Then 2 gals knitted one a piece for a prize. What I noticed with yours is they do not have a fabric top handle to lift the cozy off the tea pot. My pattern required it and my hubby would help and we would measure , center , pin and sew, but they never were quite center. In the store I found one and it was like mine, so for a person that does not sew I was pleased. In the garage I have a bag of cozies I sewed first, they look nice. I need to find a home for them. thanks yours are real pretty.

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