Friday, November 7, 2014

How To Incorporate Date Night...

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Making time for those special times together.

We are always so busy and we all have very full schedules!
The hubbub never ends, we can go 24/7

We as women would be wise to see the importance of
Implementing a date night with our Husbands.

When the children were small we could only have evenings alone
 While watching a movie.
 Or maybe just going out for pie and coffee.

But it does not matter if you have been married a lot of years;
Date Night
Date Days

Must be done every so often!

We need this to keep things in touch with one another.

We can be together very often, but sometimes we do not let our
guard and busy brains just stop and enjoy!

Sitting across from one another and just really looking at each other!

We all need some alone time with our mates.
You can do these times together, even in the daytime;
If you even enjoy meeting with another couple for fellowship!

No hard, fast rules;
But being together and enjoying some laughter!
Meeting your Husband's needs is very important to keep
The Love Light glowing
(Or at least On)

So many are feeling the outside pressures of life, work and family
But we must remind ourselves
 as to how making this time is so important!

I had a lady tell me many years ago to always remember;
To put your Husband first!

Date Night or Date Day
You just need to be together...

Will you go out with me?


  1. You are so right Roxy. Due to our situation, it is hard for J. and I to go out together, alone, but we do tend to come together at night after everyone is in bed, and we regroup.

    Thank you for sharing always, I leave filled with sage advice.


  2. Yes- I am sorry to say we don't do this very often. It seems we each always have so much going on that it is hard to try to eke out some time together. That is why we both look forward to short vacations when we can take them together. xo Diana

  3. Yes, yes, this is so important. For us it has looked different depending on what season of life we were in but it is important to set a time to reconnect.

  4. I am a true believer in date night or day Roxy! Spending time alone is so important. Especially if you have a young family. It's easier to become independent and draw apart than what you would think. My mom had those doves so seeing them made me smile!

  5. You are right on target. First things first. We can get too busy with outside friends and interests and drift. Our habit is breakfast and dinner together, evening times reading together or watching our favorite Masterpiece Classic and conversations at bedtime. Keep that love light burning!!!


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