Monday, September 5, 2016

Vacationing With Friends...

Our Lovely Vacation...

All I can say is vacationing with friends is the way to go!

We went out to the coast and spent a week with our dear friends.
And let me tell you we all had a ball!

We found our accommodations in their lovely home to be quite cozy!
But the laughs and fellowship were the best!
Lydias home is shabby chic in decor and design.
It really is very nice and filled of course in her dining area
of cups and tea pots galore!
And she and I enjoyed using some of her very favorites to sip tea and chat!
She did serve a proper tea!
We drank a tea that was called "Yorkshire Gold"
It was one of the smoothest teas with no bitterness.

We had tea and scones every morning;
And this Lady can make the best scones I have ever had!
Lydia is a great cook!
But we did eat in some very fine restaurants while out and about!

Here she is the Pacific Ocean in all her glory...

The Pacific Ocean is very enchanting and demands respect!

There was a sign that stated this;
"Do not go past this point as even on a calm day a wave could 
wash over you and could be swept into the sea"

I believed it and I find these signs disturbing yet helpful!
Someone asked me do you want another picture of you here;
"No, I am good thanks anyways!"

The busy hub on the wharf was so alive with gulls squawking,
And boats in the Harbour as far as the eye could see!

Lydia and I walked and just took in the lovely fresh air and the smells!
Our husbands walked and chatted about everything that they were seeing!

We found a restaurant right on the port side of the sea;
It was really one of the best meals we had and we had many!!

Our husbands ordered a plate of fresh Oysters;
They thoroughly enjoyed them;
I did have one myself, but I am pretty sure Lydia declined.
(Quite gracefully, may I add)

Oh, we also shared a cobbler of I think blackberries and Marian Berrys,
Topped with homemade ice cream, it was so good!
We ate it too quick to get a picture--- HA-HA

Here was a lovely tea that I had ordered at this very nice Tea Room
This lovely large shop was filled with antiques and teapots!
I will mention this tea was called White Tea,
It was delicious, but it was filled with caffeine.
(Not sure I slept a wink that night)

Lydia and I truly enjoyed this experience;
We talked and sipped our tea and talked about how tea shops
were a delight to our senses!
We were served the best tasting sandwiches I have ever eaten!
She and I ate every last bite (smiles)

While we were out shopping and having lunch our husbands drove
 Around the area seeing some historical sites in the area.

This very cute bag here was a bag made by one of Lydias friends!
It is made from an empty feed bag;
She makes them from every kind of feed bag she has cows and puppies;
Even lambs and they are lined with a pretty fabric to match!
Really a strong and useful thing to have!
She is really quite talented!

I must say that vacationing with friends is the way to go!!
We loved all being together and we had such sweet fellowship;
I do not think we even were bored for one minute on this trip!

Thanks dear friends for your lovely and sweet hospitality!
Love and appreciate you both...
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What is new around here?

I just got back again from our archery hunting trip!
It was cold and a bit rainy
Our son saw a mountain Lion!

Hubby and I almost went off a cliff with our camper and truck!
(Thank You God for protecting us with putting a tree right where we
would of gone off!
Our new camper is now in need of some repairs!
But we did not go off, it was a bit scary!
The road was slippery and we lost traction and we were going to fast!

Hank is getting big and he needs work on his dog behavior!

Waiting for our 9th grandchild to be born soon!
Then off again...
Then home again, jiggity jig!

~Happy Fall Season To Ya All~
Blessings From
Living From Glory To Glory
~Roxy xoxo~


  1. Oh my goodness what a fun trip, but how scary. I've been on some of those kinds of mountain trips where you meet yourself going around a curve while the tires hang on to the edge. Scary! That's one reason why I love the beach more. As I get older, I am loving the mountains, but not the kinds like that! I do wish I had friends to vacation with. We spent so much time investing our time in youth ministry and didn't have time to make friends. I've come to understand that my children are my friends, but of course they have friends of their own. I guess I'm in a melancholy mood, but sure did love reading your post. It was refreshing.

  2. Your visit with Lady Lydia and her husband sounds wonderful. I think it's wonderful to nurture a blogging friendship with a visit.
    The end of summer looks like a very busy one for you. Congratulations on grandchild #9!!

    PS, glad God was there for you !

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your memories of the vacation with Lydia and your photos. I live in southern Oregon and have yet to spend much time on the coast.
    Life has gotten so busy for us now with the grand and great-grand babies.

    Thank you for sharing. So glad you had a good time!

    Janet Westrup

  4. Hi Roxy, I'm dying to know where you were on the Pacific Coast? It reminds me so much of northern Ca.-up by Mendocino or down by Monterey. Love it that you had such a wonderful time with your friends! We travel with our best friends/old next door neighbors and always have a great time. You are making me miss them. The Yorkshire Gold tea sounds fantastic. I made some ice tea this weekend that was quite bitter. I've been saying that with fall in the air, I want to go on a road trip-but doubt we'll get to one.
    So glad for angels watching over you while you were in your truck.
    Hope you have a great week.

  5. Hi Roxy~~ your vacation sounded quite lovely, my you were able to see and do so much not to mention all the wonderful food you enjoyed.
    Lydia sounds like a lovely lady graced with quite the charm. Tea and scones every morning, what a delight for you!
    The Lord was certainly watching over you and your husband, wow! Happy to hear all is well.

    I enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing your trip with us.

    Much love~~

  6. Hi Roxy, what a special time spent with a dear friend. Your photos are lovely and you with your friend is beautiful.
    So glad you enjoyed a great time and the good Lord held you from going over the cliff. He protected you completely. Blessings to you for a wonderful new week and Happy September!! xo

  7. It sounds like your vacation was wonderful. I, too, am curious as to where on the Pacific you were. I particularly love the Oregon coast and the northern California coast. There's nothing like seafood fresh from the ocean. I am very grateful that that tree was there to stop you. That must've been terrifying. Praise to the Lord that you're safe.
    Blessings, Betsy

  8. So glad you got to visit with Lydia. Sounds like a wonderful time. And thankful for the protection the Lord provided you! Blessings, Deborah


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