Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Making Caramel Apples...

Carmel Apples, Living from Glory To Glory Blog

Delicious Carmel Apples...

Sometimes in the changing of a season, I have found that I needed
To do something to help with the transitioning!

Maybe all feel a bit sad when you finally start to figure out
How to do something well, and boom its time to change.
( I remember feeling that way when we were learning to square dance
You would finally get into step or rhythm with your dance partner;
And it was time to swing to the next one in line)
Now mind you I was only in elementary school; but I wanted to stick
With the one who didn't step on my feet.

Well any who;
Fall is probably one of the best times of the year cycle
In the natural and in the stage of life.
You have all heard our ages, may correspond with
Spring, summer, fall and winter!

So let's just say my time or age is the fall season.
I just figured out the summer portion and here we have shifted!
Fall is refreshing with the cooler weather yet cozy!

Harvest and putting back and getting ready for early nights!

So I was wondering what I might make or do to help me!

So I decided I had not made caramel apples in years so this is
My choice of a transitional idea.

I made the trek to town and bought some apples
Honeycrisp, not too sweet, but a bit tart.
Two bags of caramels
A small package of popsicle sticks from the craft aisle.

Caramel Apples, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Then I needed my little helper!
Together we were able to unwrap all the little tiny caramels!

Caramels, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Then I washed and dried all the apples;
And we put a stick into the center of each apple.

We placed the caramels in a heavy pan with
 2 tablespoons of water and stirred constantly!
Once melted we put the apples in the oohy gooey caramels!
Our plan was to get some nuts on the sop of them, and sprinkles
 But the camels hardened way too fast.

We placed them on some wax paper that was well buttered!
Then you put them in the refrigerator till you're ready to eat them!

Fall Traditions, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

What is new around the homestead?

I had my grandson pull out my tub
Of all my Fall decorations!
Looking forward to getting my mantel decorated for fall!

The little piggies are getting big!

Some cooler weather is in our area today!

I made some dumplings this morning!
Here is my recipe!

I ordered myself a new tea pot from;
Roses And Tea Cups

I have come to realize that in all these years that I have stayed home it
Has allowed me to be less stressed than many women I have encountered.

Still waiting for our newest grandchild to be born!

I made scones this morning!
Also the other day I made a lemon cream pie!

Blessings to each and every one of you!


  1. Oh I love caramels, Roxy! Those apples look good but I was thinking if I made them they would be too hard for me to eat and there I would have wasted all those yummy caramels,

  2. I love caramel apples but haven't made them for some time. You are making me hungry! I did just buy smoe honeycrisp apples today. :)

  3. I love your teapot Roxy. It looks so sweet. My husband loves caramel apples but we usually only get them at the fair. I, too, feel blessed to be home. I worked for many years while our children were in school and college. The day I paid our house off I turned in my two week notice and I've never been happier. I decorated this morning for fall and it looks so cozy here.

  4. Yum! Caramel apples sound good. I like your new tea pot. I am slowly getting out some fall decorations and it feels cozy!

  5. Oh Yum Roxy, caramel apples are one of my favorite treats. What a fun grammy/grandson activity. Love your new teapot. I found a cute blue one at a thrift a while back.

  6. Hi Roxy. Those caramel apples bring back some wonderful memories from way back when. My problem is that I am springtime in an old woman winter body. I guess that can't hurt. Thank you for your visit and your kind comments to me. My poor hubby was so helpful, fixing something I messed up, but now he is paying with a sore back. Thank you for your feedback and have a wonderful week..Judy

  7. Hi Roxy, wow how fun to make the caramel apples. How nice to have a helper make them with you. It sounds like you have been keeping yourself real busy and this is a great time of year to be baking. Take care.

  8. I love caramel apples, Roxy! They bring back such wonderful memories of when my children were growing up. Your teapot is really pretty and I'm sure you will enjoy your tea time using such a lovely one. I don't bake very much during the summer months but when I feel that nip in the air, I start wanting to bake up something nice for my hubby more often. It is a pleasure to have you link up to my party this week.


  9. Such a delicious idea! I love apples and caramel...but as yet have not put them together...I guess I should try! How nice to be able to do this with your grandson! Every season has it's beauty and the Lord gives special things for each! Praying you have a beautiful sweet day!

  10. Blessings sweet Roxy, Those Carmel apples look so yummy! You are wise to just enjoy your time at home; let's have a cup of tea shall we! I love Earl Grey, Lady Early Grey, English Breakfast but for the past six months have gotten into Jasmine Green tea for the health benefits. Today at bible study I have coffee though. Don't use sweetener any more and sometimes even take it black. Wish we lived closer-think we'd be spending time together.

  11. I do love caramel apples, but they are a bit hard to eat...thank goodness for knives! ;)
    Fall is approaching and I'm loving the coolness in the air! I got my Fall stuff out the other day and its so nice to see each day!
    I can't wait to see your tea pot and treasures you have ordered.
    Looking forward to some quiet days and some crafting.
    Enjoy your week!

  12. Hi Roxy, these look so good. I love them in the fall and bring back special memories growing up and having them for an autumn treat.
    The teapot is lovely. Blessings on the new grandchild on the way. Have a great rest of the week. xo

  13. Those caramel apples look wonderful, and how sweet that you had some helping hands to make them... and eat them too, lol! I love to bake, but sure do need help with the eating of it! {smiles} Your teapot looks delightful, and I know you will get many hours of enjoyment from it! Isn't it wonderful to live a life at home without the stress as so many others have to deal with! May the Lord continue to bless your dear heart for Him Roxy!

  14. Yummy! Sounds like some good home cooking going on over there!


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