Friday, May 26, 2017

Are You Ready?...

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Are You Ready?

A dear friend of mine was asked the question the other evening;
It was asked by a Pastor that knew this woman.

She said NO...

Yes, she is saved!

But NO she is not ready to leave her Husband or Children...

I love this sweet, wonderful lady!

She has been battling a brain tumor for a long time!

They have been given a bad report again!
I am a bit stunned and in shock.

Are we ever really ready to say goodbye to those we love?

"I am planning on writing her a letter tonight"

She used to read my blog before she got diagnosed with the tumor!

She loved to sing to the Lord during worship!

It is like we had a connection in many ways "spiritually"
We would just call each other out of the blue and we would
Talk and then pray together...

I want to ask you;
Are You Ready?

I want to write letters to all my kids and grandchildren soon!
I want to love my Husband with my whole heart!
I want to laugh till I cry!
I want to repent for everything, I have ever done wrong!
I want to love and to plant flowers and trees!
I want to tell my faithful friends, how much I love and appreciate them!
I want to embrace the mornings!
I want to fall asleep and awake in Heaven
~When my TIME comes~


  1. Amen! This is the third person this week I have heard of with a brain tumor. One is a three week old baby, another father of six, and now your friend. Your friend and the father are both believers and the babe is an innocent, so we know where all will be when their time arrives. But...we pray for more time with our loved ones. This is brought a new appreciation for each and every day that I have here on earth.
    Blessings always,

  2. Roxy,
    I'm so sorry to hear that your friend is going through a terrible time right now. I don't think anyone is every prepared to recieve devastating news like that. I will pray for your friend. You don't have to mention her name. God knows who she is.

  3. Always a timely reminder, but I feel I could say I have no unfinished personal business. I keep short account with the Lord and repent daily if I need to.
    Blessings to you for your sweet words and sharing your sadness over your friends illness.
    ~ a sister in the Lord (Linda)

  4. This is a very important question for ALL to answer!
    I'm heart shivers for you. To come to terms of losing a close friend is a struggle. To know where she is going brings relief but to MISS her is another feeling!
    Yes, we should "dance", every moment!.

    I think when I reached an "age" and I don't remember when it was, but yes, I'm prepared.
    It wasn't easy and took time to get to where I sit today.
    I'm "dancing" every moment!

    This is another important post for us to reread and ask the question.

  5. Hi Roxy, what a beautiful post as you think of and pray for your dear friend. I'm so sorry to read she has been given a bad report. It is hard to think of leaving our loved ones when it's time for God to call us home. Even when our hearts are right with the Lord, I do believe we never are truly ready to leave. It's just human nature and God knows that about us too. Still this is an important thought as we never know when it will be time to leave this earth. My father and mother both, just closed their eyes and went home.
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend. xo

  6. Yes, when my times comes. Are we ready...I want to live each day ready. I fail, but that is my goal. Thank you for your post!


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