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How To Do Your Own Kitchen Chair Makeover...

Do It Yourself Kitchen Chair Makeover, Living from glory to glory blog...

How To Recover Your Kitchen Chairs..
A Frugal Idea and a nice makeover!
It made the whole kitchen just pop!

Here is what my old kitchen chair coverings looked like!

They were really very nice when they were brand new.
They were covered in a plush suede material.
But when you have a chair covered in a solid color it shows
Every stain and all the dirty marks.
Spilled foods and grease spots.

I remember one summer day someone came in with their wet swim shorts on,
Yes, I had permanent seat marks on that chair.

These chairs were good quality and the wood was still in very nice shape.
I have six chairs with this kitchen table set.

So I decided I would recover them!

Firstly, measure each chair top, then add a few inches to each 
chair, as it is wise to have extra material.
(If you are not sure of how much material to buy,
Get the measurements and find someone who can help you
 purchase the right amount of fabric)

I chose a very bold material with a pattern that would help hide future stains!

Supplies Needed 

You will need a staple gun!

Also a can Of a good Scotch Guard product!

Cut each chair size accordingly!

Place over each chair and pull tightly, staple them down on the underside!

Take each seat cushion and spray with scotch guard!

My whole family helped me one evening to take off the old material,
And we cut each size of fabric to fit each chair.
I wiped down and waxed each chair.
Then we covered and stapled on the new fabric coverings.
Then we took them outside and we sprayed them with a
Fabric Scoth Guard Spray!

To add an extra barrier of protection!

(Here are the results and the fabric I chose)
My Kitchen Chair Makeover... Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I also did another real different thing, as I said I had six chairs. So I covered four of them in the bold, bright paisley color. And I covered two of the chairs in a soft golden beige with a very nice pattern. The two patterns look really nice together. Not a perfect match, but they compliment each other. I use the two chairs in my living room. One is used at my study desk!

Hope You Enjoyed My Kitchen Chair Makeover!

What projects have you done lately?
I hope this inspires some of you!
Sometimes just a little fabric and some paint can
make the biggest difference to any room!

Home is where the HEART is...

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy


  1. Oh- I love it, Roxy. What a big difference. I did all my chairs about a year and a half ago. Hope you have a great Wednesday night- xo Diana

  2. Oh, I just love the prints you chose...they look great! And well, you already know what I've been working on, I'm currently taking a little break before I get into something else!

  3. I really love that bold colored material! So nice!

    All the chairs look great!

  4. Wow! You did a beautiful job with these chairs. Thank you for the detailed instructions. Maybe someday I'll need to use them to recover chairs my own. My kitchen chairs are plain wood and I just have cushions from IKEA on them.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. You did a nice job and that was a lot of hard work. I had chairs like this years ago and got tired of washing the stains and opted for another set, but I would have been better off to keep the old set. However at the time, not many people knew how to recover the seats. Now with the web information the knowledge is more accessible and a lot easier techniques for restoring things. I think these changes gave your house a new look, as good as having new furniture.

  6. How smart to cover the two in similar fabric.
    I love idea that your family helped recover your chairs!

  7. I love the fabric you chose! My DIL needs to do this with the new set she bought on CraigsList; I have never added the Scotch Guard-that is a great idea as she has two toddlers! Nice work!

  8. Your chairs look fantastic!!! :) Great job! I have never recovered chairs before!

  9. Such a wonderful project! I love that you found some material that you liked, and the idea of a matching fabric for the other two chairs is perfect! I love how just a little bit of work makes for a fresh new look in a room! I'm sure it'll bring lots of smiles as you use them. :)


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