Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Modesty Even On A Roller Coaster And Learning To Live And To Laugh...

Learn To Laugh And To Love, Living FromGlory To Glory Blog...

Sometimes you just need to lighten up Ladies...

Trust me, as this life is so fleeting!

Being a lady requires the ability to roll with your life!
That means your marriage
Your children
Your grandchildren...

If you are rigid and have so many rules;
That your children and family do not know what to do!

Modesty is so important; But to never do anything fun;
Because you are afraid to live and laugh.
(You will regret it!)

One thing I remember about my Mother that still makes me smile,
Was that even when she was madder than a hornet;
She would be chasing my older brother with her yard stick!
She was going to give him a good swat for something.

And he would say something to her and she would just
Start cracking up.
 Or when she gave him a swat the stick would break!

She wanted us to obey, but life has many twists and turns!

Life is a bit like riding a roller coaster...

When was the last time you really laughed?

Well, if you can't remember it's been way too long!

Being to prim and proper can be very unladylike!

I think of Queen Elizabeth, and how I have heard a few blurps
of her talking off camera and she is quite funny!

My Mother was the best!

She loved her children!
Yet, she had fun with us, even though her life was hard!
She grew up partly in an orphanage!

Laugh a little
Live a little
Love a lot...

Honoring Your Mother For Only One Day A Year
Is just plain silly...

~Everyday is Mothers Day~

Be A Gift To Your Family,
And Allow Your Family To Be A Gift To You!


  1. Love your thinking...and your post!

  2. Unfortunately, moms only think of others one day a year, too......

    I knew how to be strict and laugh, just like my mom. This rule still works even as a grandmom!

  3. So true. I wish I had realized this years ago when my children were small. I think I had the tendency to be way too serious and I still fight that to this day. My husband on the other hand, has an amazing sense of humor. I try to learn from him daily.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. I agree every day is Mother's Day. There's no special time set aside to be kind. It's part of your life, part of being human and naturally empathetic.

  5. This is a great post, Roxy. I have two boys and play with them a lot. No, it's not taking care of doll babies, tea parties, etc.; it is balls and bike riding, and cars. I do it all in a skirt and sometimes I feel like it's not ladylike, but if I didn't, think of all the memories I'd miss out on. I'm not a tomboy by any means, but I want to play with my boys, not sit under a tree knitting while they play(although I do that, too, sometimes). Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Roxy, we SO need to be reminded to not take everything so seriously, and to leave time to relax and just have fun. Although much gets accomplished around here, I'm ready to have a like-minded friend to share with! My mother seemed to be better at this than me, but the Lord is working to accomplish this! Blessings this Mother's Day week, Deedy@ homeandharvest

  7. It is a wonderful thing to laugh with your children! I always tell my girls that being a lady goes much deeper than one's appearance. Modesty is very important, but can be achieved in many ways. It is in the heart firstly, then it spreads to aspects of appearance and mannerisms.
    I love how you have such lovely memories of your mother....and I must say I have to chuckle at her chasing your brother. I have had similar times with my children, I end up hugging them and laughing, and loving them so much! Yes, saving all ones honour for their mother to just one day is foolish. Any day is a day to make mother's know they're appreciated and loved!

  8. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  9. Thank you for the gentle reminders!

  10. Oh, I love this picture!! So much fun. Yes, laughter is good medicine. Happy Mother's Day Roxy! I know you know how to laugh, my friend! xo Deborah

  11. Hello Roxy, yes I agree that you need laughter in your life because life is too short with ups and downs. I loved this uplifting post.
    Have a wonderful day and weekend.


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