Saturday, December 17, 2016

Video Games Have Caused An Avalanche...

The dangers of playing video games, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Men don't want to work!

I have watched and have seen this trend for many years now!
And I have now seen the results of what it breeds.

These video games that especially the boys play have
Turned them into grown men that are Angry
Lazy and have no interest in working.
~Most of them have no interest in being married and interacting with their families~
(If they have any)

Video games will kill real life
Video games dissolve real emotion or feelings!
Video games make them aggressive!
(The reason for this is because there is no real release for the adrenaline
To be released after being in a battle or combat or being in a high speed chase!

If you want to save our young men from a life of no real living skills or emotions;
Then get rid of your equipment that is used for them!!
Games and all the electronic junk needed to play them!

Yes, they will hate you and be very angry!
Because they are addicted to these games, and they need the fix!

Men that play these games have less interest in all relationships!

(Yes, there are a few that might have a firm balance of this game stuff)

If you really think that allowing this stuff to be done in your home and
For your kids to do as entertainment, then you will be sorry!

I have seen good christian families now say that they wished they had never allowed this
An awful form of mind control to take over their children's lives.
They will have no interest in anything else...

We are made to have everything we do connect with us, our
Minds, bodies and emotions...

So many kids are troubled with no way to release their energy!
Most kids can't even feel tired enough to go to sleep;
As they just want to play another game;
(Just one more time)

These boys are a bit scary if you ask me!
They look and act a bit comatose, and void of real eye contact!

But wait, every phone has games!
Every home has a play station 2 Thousand (Exaggeration)
Wait, some games are beneficial.

Every child has their own little screen to play on!

We have all heard the phrase from the song girls want to have fun?
Well, now, boys just want to play video games!
Forget about growing up and taking care and providing for one's family.
They use to be interested in sports and cars and trucks and girls!
But now they just want to play video games...
Have we seen the problem here yet??

Just saying...


  1. Yes, just another ploy of the Devil to distract and enslave men (and women, but men seem to be more prone to this.). It is totally the responsibility of the parents to protect and teach the children about these things. Yes, toss them out! You are right, there may be some anger, but after the withdrawals pass, they will love you for it!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly although many won't believe the damage that these games do to families. Thank you for saying it.

  3. It is true that the technology of our day has robbed us of so much, and it is sad to see boys and men playing these games. I don't know of any that play and don't work, but I have heard of them. It is indeed such a sad thing. Work is the best thing for all of us, really. Technology has brought some very good things into our lives, but also some very troubling things. We must seek and find a balance. Not easy to do, but it can be done. Hugs to you today dear friend!

  4. I really dislike video games. Some of them are really ugly and disturbing.

  5. I saw the danger from the beginning and didn't have video games in our home.
    Unfortunately, when my eldest moved out, he began buying gaming equipment. I've seen some of these same symptoms. He has no ambition.
    I'm praying he will return to faith in God and grow up. He's 25.

  6. Hi sweet friend, Powerful and truly needed post! I know so many grown men, with young families that are addicted to gaming when they should be addicted to Jesus(they are Christians). In fact, I know one pastor who has side jobs and just invented some sort of "Virtual reality glasses" and he's selling them-it is so wrong. I appreciate his trying to make a living, but seriously these are just as bad. Thank you for your honestly here.
    Christmas love and blessings to you today.

  7. Another excellent observation, Roxy! Appreciate your sharing about the downfalls of video games. Hopefully, young parents will read this and make changes. I know I pray for our grandchildren that they won't become ensnared with video games.


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