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Using Lard In My Pie Crust...

Funny Old Crisco Ad. Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

  As I was doing some research on using Lard instead of butter or Crisco:
( For my pies)

Cherry Tart, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

 I was amazed at what I found.!
I have been really rethinking some of all the bad fat facts over my baking lifetime.
  I now will lean towards using lard for at least my pies.
   On some of the web sites I visited it is a bakers friend for certain rustic breads.
  I am sure that it is much healthier for you than Crisco!!
  I am a butter girl from way back,
I love the smell and taste of it.
 I never could stomach margarine.
  Everything in moderation is always the best way to cook and live.
I also have been looking for a recipe for biscuits that use lard.
   I can tell you for certain that every time something new comes out, I shiver knowing that the food industry has played with Mother Nature   (God's Creation).
   Another thought has been that in the days of hard times in our history,
 butter was hard to come by.
  Maybe we should not turn our nose up to something that could give us a flaky crust or biscuits!
Because no one can convince me that Crisco is better than lard.

   I found this blog, that of course is a foodie blog: 
 And I wanted to share her post on the Lard.

Earthy Delight Blog/ Lard Story

I was wondering if any of you wonderful ladies had a thought on this matter?
Have you tried natural Palm shortening?
Have you tried the shortening from the Health food store?
This has been my choice!

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  1. I am not supposed to be here this morning -lol- I am leaving shortly. However, my Mother always used lard, as does my daughter, and it makes the best pie crust ever. Growing up on a farm my mother rendered her own lard and that sticks in my mind and probably contributes to why I don't use it. I always use butter though-never margarine. Have a great weekend-I'll be away. xo Diana

  2. Your pie picture looks beautiful Roxy! And that first picture advertising for Crisco made me laugh so hard :) This is so interesting because I like you, have been thinking a lot about lard lately. I went ahead and bought some and used it in some biscuits as well as a pie crust. It was WONDERFUL! I did notice that I didn't need as much as the recipe called for. So if the recipe said a half cup of Crisco, I used 1/3 cup of lard. It was just a little too wet when I followed the original recipe. I hope all that made sense ;) I love you so much Roxy! Your blog is a like you and your inviting home, but online and I love to step into :)

  3. Your pie looks delicious, Roxy! I made thumbprint cookies today with my mom's homemade raspberry jam, tasty :) But getting on to the point, believe it or not, I have not cooked with lard. I have always used Crisco or butter. I am like you and don't really care for margarine.

    Have a lovely Sunday. Hugs!

  4. You can't make dumplings correctly without using lard according to my Welsh husband and that is how I made dumplings! We are also a butter family and not that manufactured margarine which doesn't taste very nice at all. We are a whole food family and rarely ever use processed tinned food, much nicer to make very thing from scratch.

  5. I love lard!!
    If you're just starting to use it - I think you'll find small batch/small farm to be MUCH higher quality than the stuff from the store. Plus - it smells much better!!

    trying making old fashioned popcorn in it - you will LOVE IT!!

  6. Roxy, I have never used lard. Always use butter or Crisco as did my mother. I am sure that lard makes the best pies. I wouldn't even know where to buy lard. Can you get it at the grocers? Duh? Am I the only dummy out there? Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. My husband uses canola oil.
    Have you been happy with the lard?
    Do you see these comments on the old posts that I'm making?


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