Friday, August 9, 2013

Lonely Feelings Find Everyone...

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Separation from anything or anybody, can cause an unrest within ourselves.
Self can become the only beating heart!

All will experience this feeling;

We call it LONELY
There are clubs for it.

Books have been written about it

Many songs have been sung about it

Yet, lonely has not escaped anyone!

We will always find ourselves in a lonely place:
Either in our hearts or minds...

Because we are separated by color by education
By statue Que
By Male or Female

But those are not the real reason’s!
But it is because we live in a sinful world.

Only our connection with Christ and Him crucified will
Give us the wholeness we desire.
We will always feel the lonely feeling
For until we come into His fullness
It will invade;
Our busy
Our noise
Our space
Our hearts

For we cannot silence this lonely!
~It must be filled~


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  2. I love how you connect loneliness with sin. We once were in perfect relationship with our Creator. Now, cast out of Eden, the lonliness we feel is for this right relationship to be restored! May we lean in closer to Jesus instead of trying to run form this loneliness. Blessings! Jess

  3. There is lonely on so many levels. I think the only way we will never truly feel lonely is in Heaven- xo Diana

  4. Hi Roxy,
    I think that's why I love being surrounded by family and friends. I do not like being lonely! Sure, I do enjoy a bit of lone time now and then. But the more the merrier for me most of the time. I think that's what it will be like in heaven.

  5. One can never be completely lonely with God:))) but we all feel lonely from time to time.

    My 81 year old mother is in a nursing home due to a stroke and other major health issues and she gets lonely because my dad now lives by himself in the family home and whilst they see each other every day and talk on the phone, it will never be the same again. Its a sad sort of loneliness but she loves the Lord Jesus Christ very much and leans on Him to get her through each day.

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  7. I love my alone time...I think we all do. Funny, when I have felt my loneliest, I have been in a room full of people. Glad to say that doesn't happen often :)

  8. It is interesting how "lonely" can come upon a person at times. As Debby Ray said... I do enjoy my alone time, but can become lonely in a room full of people; perhaps that is just my own inadequacy of fitting in sometimes. I like everyone's comments. I know that when I am close to Jesus, I am always content with Him,
    Yet, as was said, there are times when everyone can feel lonely or left out... that can become our platform for compassion and understanding I think.

  9. Hi Roxy! And boy, am I glad we can't silence the lonely. That way, we can point ourselves to God. He will give us all we desire if we only trust.

    We do all feel lonely at times, but God is there. We just have to have eyes to see.

    Happy Sunday!


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