Monday, August 12, 2013

Seize The Day...

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Needing a reprieve from the everyday?
We all so desire a little peace and quiet.
Sometimes we just have to make a little get away for ourselves.
Having a good book to read is great to refresh your mind.

It might just be a walk by yourself in the early morning,
Or taking an evening walk with your hubby.

Or maybe a little ride on your bike!

I always have thought if I lived by the beach I would
Take a stroll upon it every day.
Foot Prints In The Sand, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
But I am sure that many women who live very close to the ocean,
 Can barely find time for it themselves.
And it is right at their feet.

 It is not where you live, but rather how you make use of where you live.

We must learn to command our days!
We can learn to train ourselves to orchestrate our days.
We are called to manage our homes.

Learning to manage our time so we can have a little moment of peace daily.
 To be running around half frantic is so unbecoming.

I have found myself saying,
Okay, now let's just all take a deep breath.
Just Breath Every One!

I think many are about to get really busy.
We will be canning and putting back our harvest.
Teachers are going back to school.
Many homeshoolers are putting together their
School agendas, for the year.

But alas, summer is not over yet.
Seize the day!


Take pleasure today!
Do not let the enemy of your soul.
Steal your God appointed time and day!



  1. Amen! Thank you, dear Roxy for this wonderful reminder! It's way too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life that we forget to enjoy sweet, simple moments. I greatly appreciate this post. Blessings to you. Hugs!

  2. Every lunch hour I take a break from work and read a book, it is nice to just escape into a book, even if it is only for 30-40 mins. I find it very refreshing.

    Or just sitting in the garden on a sunny day can be so pleasant.


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  4. This is a timely post for me today. I felt a little sad with the grandkids back in school and my adult son returning home to K.C. The Lord spoke to my heart this morning,
    "Don't let the devil steal your joy!"
    I like what you said, " Seize the day."

  5. You are a woman of wisdom. Your words ring true and clear.

    Also, I want to thank you for leaving me sweet and inspiring comments.

    You are the only one who visits my blog on a regular basis and for that I thank you, dear friend.



  6. Just last night, I was agitated. I couldn't even settle down and decide where I wanted to go for dinner for date night with hubby.

    We bought a soda and went to sit down at the square in our little town. The businesses were closed and there was very little traffic.

    It was amazingly quiet, right in the middle of our town. The weather was perfect, and peace slowly washed over me.

    Blessed quiet. It can be amazingly soothing.

    God told us to be still for a very good reason. We need it.

    Harvest Lane Cottage


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