Sunday, August 18, 2013

What Image Is Being Produced In Your Life...

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What image is being produced in your life?
We are all producing something.
Peace and calm...
Joy and rest in even our hectic days.
My Lord has been tempering me in all my ways.
Even a diamond starts out as a hunk of dark black coal.
For I am looking into a glass dimly.
Does it always seem harder when you make a decision
To be sweeter or kinder.
Or making a challenge to God or yourself to change.
Then a deep resistance to this; rises up and wants to battle.
It is like every time you want to do better your flesh says;
No way!
But Paul said it best of all,
The flesh has to die and the spirit will reign.
Call out to Him!
For His grace is more than enough,
So we will one day see Him face to face.
For even now if you belong to Him,


  1. We all are reflecting something aren't we...I know in my life it isn't always peace and joy. He continues to refine me and at some point I will shine forth as pure gold.

  2. HI Roxy! I sure to fight the Lord a lot, and I never win, thanks be to him! But it is all the refinement, which I never think I need.

    But I really do!! So I'll try again and again to accept his will for me.

    Thanks for your visit today!

  3. Your words reflect the truth and love of the Lord.



  4. Roxy,

    You mentioned in the comment that you left for me that your husband wears hearing aids.

    Me, too. I tell you I turned 40 five years ago and my body never quits surprising me with what will be next.

    Ageing, you gotta love it. (smile)



  5. Another precious post, Roxy. God's beautiful grace is certainly more than enough. Thank you for sharing. Hugs!


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