Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Peacock Or Crocodile...

A Peacock Bird, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Some days I feel like an amazing Peacock
Spreading my feathers as to soar to the highest peaks.
The day is filled with all colors of the rainbow.
The atmosphere is filled with hope.
I can feel the tangible waves of my Father's Love.
Life seems simple and carefree.
Your day is going smoothly, like clockwork.
I rejoice and take great pleasure in these days.
It is something I have been learning for many years.
God will always give you times of rest.
You can be free from distractions and confusion, in these times.
I like to refer to these times as my girding up!
As He knows what lies ahead...
But, on the other hand, I have had days that felt like I was trying
to pry open the mouth of a crocodile.
As we all can imagine is not something any crocodile would
enjoy having done to him.

A Crocodile, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
When these days come upon you, be not surprised!
You should not be ill prepared to stand.
You will be challenged!
One thing I have learned is this;
That in the times of rest and peace I am being filled with
the very strength that will be required.
It is His strength.


  1. Yup, we all have our good days and our bad days. The trick is to have MANY more good than bad. Relying on the Lord helps get us through the bad times. Let's not forget him when times are good!

  2. Lol loved this Roxy. I often feel like I am a Steve Irwin around here, well not so jolly has he lol! I am praying and declaring patience over me so that I love on those little Crocs lol! A little Croc appeared at my side just now and I told him, "I am talking to Roxy, remember we went to her house and she fed you a PBJ sandwich?" Little Ezra gave me a thoughtful look and then a big smile and said, "Yes" He loved that sandwich LOL!

    Love and miss you so
    ~ Marie

  3. Crocodiles are dangerous. But peacock farming is very pleasuring.

  4. Good days and bad...I am thankful for the good...I rely on His strength more on the bad, but I hate to think that I've "blown it" on bad days...That is when I most need to go to Him for help! He is faithful.


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