Monday, April 13, 2020

Sheltering In Place...

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Sheltering In Place

Or you can call it the Stay At Home Order

But I choose to look at it this way, Sheltering in Place!

I feel that staying home is the best place in a world that is fighting
A very scary virus, that can change a life and a family.
They call it the ghost, they can't see it and many are infected with it.
But, they don't even know it!

If you have seen all the hype, and all the lies and the rebellion;
You know this has been a fire of the battles of my rights to just fake news!

But one thing I know for sure this is real and has hit the heart ,
Of our country...

I do not enjoy the political rally cry
My Rights and anti-government!

But, I will once again sit this one out and do as I am asked to do!
But wait---- I did all they are asking us to do before they ever said anything!

If you don't like this country then move
It's your right!

I am so glad our Church willingly chose to close the doors!
To comply with our government's request, but to protect us all!

Well, I have not missed running into town or spending the day away!

Being home can be a great way to get things into perspective!

But, now if social media crashes then we're really in trouble.
Because YouTube is just having comments within comments
 Fighting one another, what will they do with their time!

Look, this is America and everyone, including me, has an opinion!
But now days it may be wiser to keep it to yourself!

This is a time to learn what is important!

The Great Depression was something we still can remember;
But most of us did not live through it.

But we all just may need to change our behavior and our
Critical thinking skills.

In my opinion, we should not have to be told what to do!

Just do it, and do it with an attitude that is Christlike.

He even said give to Caesar what is Caesars!

Your actions could cause great harm to others!

I know there is many  lessons in all of this and I hope we are all
I hope we come out of this
With a renewed awakening and an appreciation for what we have!
In our Lives
In our Homes
In our Churches
In our Country

We continue to take these privileges for granted!
But I do not see that they have taken my rights away;
The force comes because some people do unsafe things!
Your not suppose to drive drunk, but people still do!

When I was in class many years ago for my hunting License;
I remember they told us this
Hunting is not a right, but a privilege.

You may not agree!

In these days I am so enjoying my Home!
And what I can still do...

As Always Living From Glory To Glory


  1. I agree with you that we should WANT to do these things to keep people safe. I think what a lot of people fear is how easy it was for the government to take away these constitutional rights and that we may never get them all back.
    I was a homebody and enjoy my time here anyway so staying home hasn't been a burden at all. The biggest issue I had was trying to procure groceries. I had a pickup order at Walmart this morning that took two weeks to schedule. I tried to buy enough that we won't have to get more for at least a month.
    Take care my friend and stay safe. May the Lord bless and keep you and your household covered by His almighty hand.

  2. 'Im truly enjoying your bright new look here on the page! And most homemakers are sheltered in place most of the time, aren't they. I remember long winters being snowed in. Hope you have a lovely day and evening. Catch you later in the mail!

  3. Hopefully we are getting closer to the end of this sheltering in place situation. Not that I don't enjoy my home, but I must admit, I do miss my family. I just made a lemon pie for Jim, and will be putting some oatmeal cookies in the oven for him to munch on when he gets home from work tonight. I sure enjoyed your comment at the Lakehouse post today, Roxy. It's always such a delight to see that you stopped in for a visit. Have a wonderful evening. Love to you, my dear friend. Debbie xo

  4. Amen Roxy! Well said! Thank you for your voice of reason and discernment. Defiance/Rebellion/Disrespect of government does NOT please God. We are to obey the government put in place by God. Romans 13: 1-2
    We may not always agree with what they ask us to do but as long as they do not ask us to deny our faith, then we must submit as this is pleasing to the Lord. I'm patriotic and deeply appreciate the sacrifices made for us to be a free nation, our constitution... but we would do well to remember that our citizenship is in Heaven and our first allegiance is to God. He says to obey our rulers. We obey our rulers so long as we do not compromise our faith. Asking us to stay at home so we can keep this thing under control definitely does not do that. It might be uncomfortable and difficult for some but saving lives is worth it. We must trust God in times such as these to provide...and He will - especially when we align ourselves with His will and being humble and obedient is just that. There are some platforms that Christian ladies are using to spur defiance. I hope they'll remember this passage in Scripture and remember too that we as women are to have a meek and quiet spirit. I agree with you Roxy, this is a time for women to come home physically and with her heart. She need not stand shouting from her platform. Roll up our sleeves and do something with our hands! Remember: we are to strive to live quiet lives - 1 Thessalonians 4:11
    Blessings over you today. Keep the faith!


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