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Why Do Some People Refuse To Wear A Face Mask ?...

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This Is My Question?

Why are some people refusing to not wear a mask?

I am confused about this topic!

I truly don't get it...

Everything has to have some underlying meaning.

Is this just because I think I look unattractive?  
Or they are too uncomfortable to wear!

I surely think its a small price to pay for another person's sense of well-being.
And for your own if someone just happens to sneeze or cough.

I think it's all part of a deep seated rebellion
No One Is Going To Tell Me What To Do

The protesters held signs saying
Don't wear a mask and be gagged;
Oh, really I can still speak and say anything I may need to!

There has been times in history that by wearing a mask,
Just may have saved lives!

First, we were told not to wear them;
(That NEVER made sense to me)

We just need another LAW
To tell us what to do;
As we see others screaming, I won't put up with this!

It just seems to be getting weirder by the day!

If by wearing a mask I can go into stores and business;
And they can open!!!
Why NOT?

If you want to leave your 2 cents;
"Leave a Comment"

Give Us Wisdom
Give Us Freedom to do what is right...

Always, Living From Glory To Glory


  1. I really don't know why anyone would refuse to wear a mask Roxy! It's just common sense right now! Do these people want to get sick themselves and other people? It says to me that they just don't care. Yes, it's getting weirder by the day. A few days ago I was taking my dog for a quick evening walk and I saw thrown on the ground a used dirty mask! That is just disgusting. I can't wait for this whole pandemic to be over!
    Take care and hope you are staying healthy and safe.

    1. I think as you do Julie, it's just common sense to me also! But this is America and everyone has there own way of looking at everything...
      Stay safe friend!

  2. I've made a lot of masks to give away. I do know that the masks don't do a whole lot as they aren't medical grade. But, if they help even a little I don't know what the problem is. The main thing to remember is that you only wear it once, don't touch the outside and put it directly into the washing machine.
    I don't go anywhere, at least I haven't yet, so I haven't even worn mine yet.

    1. Betsy, the care of a mask is great advice and I think we all need to remember to wash the mask and dry it in the dryer or hang in the sunshine.

  3. My husband's doctor posted this today -- “There is limited evidence that wearing a medical mask by healthy individuals in the households or among contacts of a sick patient, or among attendees of mass gatherings may be beneficial as a preventive measure. However, there is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.”

    THAT would be why some people don't wear masks.

    1. Hi Anne, Also a good point, but I have noticed if you do wear a mask you do not touch your nose and mouth! Also, I think we may just have a stigma in our heads of other countries wearing them. But our hands are another way or trouble of touching something that may have the virus on shopping carts, ect.
      But washing our hands is the best defense, well maybe now people will be more conscious of hygeine in our hand washing. Thanks Ann for your two cents (smiles)

    2. I totally agree about the mask making me aware of how often I touch my face! I had no idea :-) I've always carried disinfectant wipes to wipe down carts, long before stores started supplying them (well, some stores), and hand sanitizer too. I've often been accused of being a germophobe. My momma taught me that hands are the dirtiest and most likely ways to spread germs, so I've always been a bit obsessive about washing mine! :-) {{hugs}}

  4. I don't get people not wanting to wear a mask either. I read someone that some people of color won't wear a mask for fear of racial profiling or gang association. Well the solution to that is don't wear gang colors and go to YouTube for easy masks to make. Many are even no sew varieties!

  5. Well, I've made a lot of masks and given them all away! I have some cut out for us that should be finished tomorrow.
    Hugs to you,

  6. The only reason I can come up with is, some people just flat out refuse to believe it's that contagious and would never happen to them. They seem to have a really hard time believing that there's people who have it and have no idea they even have it but can still make other people sick. Studies coming out this week show that there's a staggering amount of people who have been infected and wasn't aware of it. Also today they report there's the concern that the virus is capable of spreading through AC vents. There's so much they don't know about it and still learning. There's also the one's who fear the government is trying to control and take away the rights of Americans. If they hadn't imposed all these horrible restrictions, a lot more of the country would be as bad as NY. I am so grateful that ultimately, it's not up to the government, lockdowns, facemasks, etc. but all in the hands of our Sovereign Saviour! Just as He expects us to use some common sense, like wear a coat when it's 5° outside, He expects us to take care of our health and those we are around as best we can. That's my "two cents'. Praying for those who are sick and the loved ones of those who have died as well as the economy of our country (and others) I also pray for forgiveness for the grumbling I find myself doing. This pandemic is a huge inconvenience for those of us who have been affected by it as well as those who haven't.

    1. Hi Brenda, I have enjoyed reading your two cents LOL. And yes, I believe many carry the virus and were not even aware of it! I think I feel the same way you do in this time of so many restrictions and financial hardships. We may never be the same, but I know that our God is soverign over all the earth! I appreciate your well thought out comment.

  7. I do not wear a mask. I had been sick with a bad cold, but did not go out during that time. Who knows, maybe now I have already had the virus.
    There are 2 sides (at least!) to everything happening at this time. There are a lot of lies being spread as truth by those who know they have a captive and frightened audience.
    Did you know there is a 98% recovery rate? Did you know that Sweden did not shut down and is having more success against the virus than surrounding countries that did shut down? Did you know that all the projections were wildly inflated? Did you know that some of the testing kits that came from China were in fact infected with the virus, so there were false positive tests? On and on...deaths are being attributed to the virus, when they are really from other causes. I wonder why?

    1. Hi Jo, Yes, I am aware of all these facts, Yes, I did Know...
      But, what I was asking was Why people were refusing to wear masks?
      It's up to each person to decide this! Many opinions in this quaratine and world crisis as we still do not have all the facts! And yes, if anyone has been sick, they very well may have had the virus, good point! And praise God that so many have recovered from this virus!

  8. I discovered during some construction on our house that wearing a mask makes me feel panicky and suffocating. If I had to wear a mask out shopping, I could only take it for a few minutes before I'd have to leave the store, So I have been ordering online and picking up my groceries now. Most stores now don't even want you to get out of your car, the only interaction I have with the employees is a hi, bye through the trunk! Even though our county has only had one case (over and done with) I still won't go to a store if I can help it, because not all employees will treat you the same as the person with the mask on.

    1. Oh Lillibeth, so nice to see your comment and giving your thoughts on this matter! I must say I also feel the same way, it's just not normal to be wearing a mask over the face. We all look like robbers.Our son has to wear one for 12 to 15 hours a day during this trouble.And my Husband has to wear one for 13 hours daily. So glad I can also order on line. But there is warm, lovely weather coming and we can get some fresh air!
      I think of you often!!

  9. I feel the mask gives people a false sense of security. Insae a lady drop hers on the floor, pick it up and put it on her face. Many people aren't using them wisely and would be better off not wearing a mask and ensuring they don't touch their face until able to thoroughly wash their hands. It is not healthy for an individual to wear a mask for long periods of time. There are many medical reports stating this fact. I know some people must wear them to work, but they need to be changed frequently. When I run in a store, and it is always briefly, I don't wear a mask. I have one N95 mask and have worn it a few times. I go quicky through the store and distance from others, and I will actually hold my breath if someone is near me (only for a short time). If there are droplets in the air, less than the medical grade mask doesn't work as the small get in the openings. I don't feel they are safe. I am certainly not worried about looks. Now I think some people have turned it into a fashion statement and will likely not do away with them even after this passes. So ready to move on from all of this hysteria and constant changing of information being provided to the public. Anyway, I am very careful and concerned for my health as well as others but don't wea the mask

    1. Kim, I am glad to know I am not the only person who often holds their breath if I have to be near to someone in public when I am not wearing a mask.

  10. I get all hot in the store after awhile. I also feel like I will faint! I can not breathe very good with it on. I think it should be a choice and the ones who are high risk, need to stay home. I also heard a relative say, her heart Dr. is saying it is dangerous to wear them with breathing and heart conditions. It will only create other health problems.

  11. As a mom who has gone out shopping each week during the whole lockdown, I've noticed that when face masks started becoming mandatory, people got much more careless with social distancing. I think the face masks give a false security. They are required, so I wear one when I have to. I've seen people wear them underneath their noses, lift them to scratch their noses, and pull them down to be understood, as they tend to muffle people's speech. I do try very hard to follow the arrows in the store, and keep a distance from people...


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