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Preparing A Pantry With Food Staples...

A Well Stocked Pantry, Livng From Glory To Glory Blog...

We Can Always Have A Full Pantry...
Even if it takes you 3-6 months, 
By buying 2 extra items each time you go to the store!
Always buy them when on sale!!!!

Watch for the sales and go to one of those stores that have
 Off brand canned items.

But, I will say this I only buy what I like and will eat!

(Because if you don't like it, You will not eat or use it)

Pantry Shelf, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Some items have a longer shelf life;
Start with the staples first;
Then start adding some items that add flavor!
Have items to make quick breads!
Pastas that you can make meals with and to add to soups!

I think when a tough time or a crisis hits;
We can have enough foods in a pantry to buffer a blow.
Having a full pantry year round can help you or someone else!
Having extra to share is a blessing!

When you always keep your pantry full, you will not 
Feel the need to start the hoarding mentality out of fear.

I also try to date foods and rotate them!
Then you shop from your pantry and replenish them as you use them!

What Are Food Staples...

Dry Beans
Canned Beans and Vegetables
Canned Fruit
Vegetable Oil
Baking powder
Baking Soda
Peanut Butter
Canned Chicken
Chicken and Beef Boullion
Gravy Packets
Sugar, Brown and powder sugar
Carton Milk
Canned Milk

Also keep your freezer stocked the same way!
Buy on sale double wrap the meats in smaller portions!
Rotate all items and keep a list of what is in the freezer!

Also, you must shop and cook from your freezer;
So items do not get freezer burned!

So may I encourage everyone that having a pantry well stocked;
Is like having money in the bank!

Even in a difficult time you can start slowly and get it going!

As Always, Living From Glory To Glory
Hugs, Roxy


  1. This is useful info for stocking your pantry. I like a full stocked pantry and I also have a cabinet in my basement with items for the pantry that I rotate into the kitchen pantry. I usually have my freezer stocked with chicken, and meat and other items.
    Have a happy Friday and weekend Roxy.

    1. It is so important to have those extras for keeping meal preparation easy! And I think it's also cost efficient!

  2. I was so thankful when all of this began that our pantry was well stocked. I've done this since we were first married over 40 years ago. I haven't been inside a store in over 7 weeks and have done just two grocery pick-ups to replenish supplies.

    1. Betsy, you are wise to keep a pantry and just to have the peace of mind that you can always prepare a nice meal for your family.

  3. This is a sensible way to build a pantry. Even those of us who were not fully prepared can begin to make those preparations for the future.
    Be blessed dear friend,

    1. Hi, Yes I think we all can learn to be a bit more prepared for our future! A little bit at a time so it doesn't cost so much!

  4. Growing up with parents who went through the Great Depression, they drilled the idea of a stocked pantry into our heads.
    We occasionally get low of a few things, but we're usually stocked.

    1. Hi Rick, I also remember my own Grandmother endured the hardships. And so she would add stashed items of food for the exact same reason you stated.
      May we learn from our past history of our own family members!

  5. It's a joy to shop from your pantry, treasuring things like the pioneers of old who preserved their foods at harvest. Then we have no fear of winter. Do you know what has been my favorite pantry food lately? Quick oats. Cinnamon and milk and you have a cozy midnight snack. Love you Roxy.

    1. I think of how the families worked together to bring in the harvest and to preserve it! And Oats are a food staple that tastes great and does have a very long shelf life. Hugs

  6. Hi Roxy. We lived long way from shops in oir young days, 60 miles from shops, so mum always had a good pantry, bought flour in really big flour bags which were used for other things etc.
    All of mum's three daughters have good well stocked pantries. I still haven't had to buy toilet paper.. since this began, which is just as well as mine not about!
    God is very good.
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love, in these changeable times. As Paul wrote: "We walk by faith, not by sight."
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  7. What is so funny is that before all this happened I had a fully stocked pantry. BUT-because I knew we were moving to the condo, I used up as much as I could and gave a bunch of food away. Lo & behold, we are now in quarantine and I am slowly replenishing the larder. lol Perfect timing, huh? xo Diana

    1. Oh Diana, I just know you will get a well stocked pantry in know time. And at least everything will be fresh!(Smiles)
      I once found a can of corn that was ready to expload, Yikes...

  8. Hi Roxy ~ so glad to get to visit and get to know you. This is so true about stocking your pantry. That has been a habit of mine for a long time. My parents lived through the depression and when it was over, they never let their cupboards be bare again. My little Aunt Cassie..lived to be 98, and lived alone, but her pantry would feed an army. We always said, if there was a disaster, we would all run to Aunt Cassie. You advice of buying a little extra each time and on sale is great. Then you always have a back up. Have a great weekend.

    1. So glad to see your sweet comment, I think we all want an Aunt Cassie (smiles) I believe so many of us have never really seen tough times as those that endured the Great Depression. And yes, buy a little extra every time you go to the store, then its afordable to stock ones own pantry.

  9. You are so right Mrs. Roxy! "When you always keep your pantry full, you will not
    feel the need to start the hoarding mentality out of fear." I was talking to my husband about how hoarding looks like you're operating in FEAR. I certainly feel as you say, "when you said "having a pantry well stocked is like having money in the bank". Thanks for the list of essentials for stocking a pantry :)

    1. Hi Tajuana, Thanks for the feedback on the quote "A well stocked Pantry is like having money in the bank!" Because many food items just continue to rise in price!

  10. Great advice, and good thinking, Roxy! It's so nice to make a meal, and have everything on hand, instead of having to make a quick run to the store. Especially in these days! Starting with the basics and building on those staples is wise. Kind of like our faith...xo

  11. Thank you for sharing this wise advice! And your list, too! Very much in line with Proverbs 31: She "...provides food for her household..." But, I think my favorite part of your post is the reminder that we can also be a blessing to others. "Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy." (Prov. 31:20) Thank you, again, for always reminding and encouraging us of the blessings, privileges, and responsibilities of being Keepers of the Home. (-:

  12. Thanks for sharing your pantry! It is not hard to have a little extra, and you are right it gives a peace of mind that there is food tucked away for necessary times. Yes...stocking things you will eat is so important. Then watching for things to go on sale.... or now just to be in stock. I had to go to three stores just to find some flour today.


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