Wednesday, April 15, 2020

This Is Your Chance Ladies...

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This Is Your Chance Ladies

Do You Want To Come Home

This thought just hit me this morning;
So many women for the first time are told to stay home...
Because of this COVID

Just maybe this is your chance to make a difference;
I think if you really step up and engage in your womanly ways.
Such as being the light and the heart of your home!
Cooking meals or breakfast where everyone can just sit and eat and relax!

Changing the different rooms around, deep cleaning
And making the rooms clean and fresh and very cozy!
Having a clean bedroom for a child will help them feel safe and special!

Clean out your pantry and really make some yummy easy meals!

Read together as a family
Pray together!
Go outside and throw a ball around to each other!
Bake some cookies together!
Work on a puzzle together.
Rub each others backs!
Throw a tickle in there while your at it!

So many families really do not even know what it would be like;
To have a Momma home full time!!!

Trust me, if most kids, or Husbands were asked,  is it a benefit???
For the Mother or Wife being at HOME...
Many could not even answer that one.

Don't let a crisis of being told to stay HOME go to waste!
Step-up and be the light of the HOME...
Be the one to comfort and assure all that God has this!

Hopefully we have all learned a little something here!

Show yourself and everyone else all you do for the household and family!

Do not make everyone think that having Mom HOME all the time is a drag!

In times of trial and struggle or just everyday stress;
Having someone HOME is a wonderful blessing.

Also, even a single Mom can really stabilize the home working full time.

The point is to show the value and our worth!
Everyone needs HOME...

Blessings, Yours Truly, Roxy


  1. Thank you Roxy. I just read a short about a mom who has a two year old who is really enjoying being at home now with her husband A child. It's (and sad too) that it took a pandemic to make mothers realize the value of being home with their children.

  2. I'm surprised the comments I'm hearing from Mom's home for the first time. They range from hating it and missing their friends and coffee from the drive-thru to Mom's absolutely loving the change of pace. They're enjoying having the time to really deep clean and have home-cooked meals. I think it will be interesting what happens after this ends. Will life have changed in a deeply fundamental way for us, especially us Americans?

  3. I love being home! In fact, for years, I've called myself a, Stay At Home Grandma!

  4. I enjoyed reading your blog post Roxy and your thoughts on women staying home. I think this is a good thing in a way for the whole family to be together for now. My husband makes breakfast, my daughter makes the lunches, and I make dinner. We are all pitching in together and we even watched a show on Netflix together. We are making the best of this situation but I look forward to when we can all be together when it's safe!
    Hope you have a nice week Roxy. Stay safe and be well.
    Julie xo

  5. I have thought of this to! :) Praying for all those Mom's who've not been able to be home before. Treasure this time! What a wonderful time you can have as a woman of your home! Love how you've worded it all.

  6. This is such an inspiring, and encouraging post, Roxy. Doing our best, to be our best to bless those around us is great advice. Getting things accomplished here at home helps me feel useful, and a part of a household that is orderly, and obedient to God's will.
    I appreciate you, my friend.
    Love you.


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