Wednesday, June 15, 2016

God Speaks Through His Word Only...


Ordinary Days

Some days just seem ordinary...

But I can assure you every day is far from ordinary!

I have been hearing so many people speak this phrase;
I am waiting to hear God speak!
I am listening to, hear God's voice!

Be very careful in this matter of communing with God!

He has spoken through HIS Word...

There are a lot of voices out there and many of these voices are not God!
The self is always talking and having a dialog in one's head.
Many false prophets are speaking heresies!
They say they are the voice of God!

I know the Holy Spirit can prompt us and lead us in our lives!
But waiting to hear God's voice can and will lead you away!
The Word says;
The Lord orders the steps of a good man!
He directs us,

But the WORD is the way God communicates with us!

Even when there was only the Old testament God did not speak in an audible
voice  to His hand picked prophets often!
Abraham went between 12 to 14 years between hearing from God!

Why are we always looking to hear a new word or message?

This is where you can really get off from the truth!

And another thing when God did speak it was always about,
Correction and Warnings!

If you would read the Word and then examine your own heart
You will see how God speaks...
The Holy Spirit will illuminate the truths of His Word!

Please do a study and be watchful of this abuse of expecting God
To speak in ways He has stopped doing!

We all hear about others hearing God and then we begin to think
why are we not hearing God speak? 

Then we start to look at these others thinking they are more spiritual than me!

We are diverting from the very source that was given us to know
what God wants us to know about every matter!

Believe me anyone can hear voices;
But there is a great danger there!

It is the Holy Spirit that will guide and comfort and correct us!
But even the Holy Spirit is here to convict us of our sin!
There is even another disturbing thing going on saying that,
We no longer have to repent of our sin!
Because Jesus died for all our sins.
But if we do not repent, we lose fellowship.
(See what I mean)

Too many are reading way too many bad books on,
what God has said, or is doing!
What has happened to expository preaching?
These people are going around telling us about what they think or hear!
And these guys make a ton of money and it is for their own profit!

The Word Is Perfect...
The Word is Complete...

Why do so many want more and are willing to believe all these crazy
stories and to think they want the same experiences.


  1. You hit that one square on the head! Thank you , Roxy, for
    being salt and light and for always standing on the Truth!
    ~a frequent reader and a much less frequent commenter ��

  2. Dear Roxy,

    Thank you for this timely reminder. If I want to know what God says about a matter--any matter--I can and should go straight to the Scriptures.

    P.S. The photos on your blog are absolutely lovely! :-)

    ~Lady Virtue

  3. Wonderful message of the Word dear Roxy, how we need to look up and learn to hear the LORD, and see it in His precious precious word.

    In the days when the word was spoken to those before us, they did not have the indwelling spirit of God, and so had the the Comforter and teaching of Spirit which God has given us..

    Oh, let us *Read and *Heed and go on thus...

    ... and "Grow in grace and in the knowledge of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ", as Peter says, this is a daily prayer each day for me.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  4. Amen!!! I am so glad you have spoken out like this, Roxy. God's WORD, the Holy Scripture, is the ONLY source of unadulterated TRUTH.

  5. You are so right and thank you for speaking this truth! God will never, ever contradict His Word, and there are so many who speak falsely and say God "told" them to do something when it contradicts His Holy Word.

  6. I wonder when people say God said this and that to them, on a frequent basis. I don't know -- I am very careful about "voices" or "feelings" I have, and have learned to distrust much of it. I know that me, myself, and I pushes her own little agenda, so does the world and the devil. It pays to be very careful about feelings and impressions. Also as one who has struggled with depression and anxiety, I know not to trust my feelings. I need to think on Truth. And you're right, many of the Bible figures such as Abraham went years and years in between hearing a specific word from God. Sometimes we're greedy for "extras" when we have God's Word right in front of us.


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