Saturday, November 11, 2017

Feast Or Famine And Autumn Has Come Again...

Feast Or Famine, Living  from Glory To Glory Blog...


~Falling for Fall~

There is just something so inviting about seasonal wreaths!

Decorating for each season is a very easy way to keep your home
Interesting and homey.

I found some beautiful, rich burgundy and gold swirl placemats to use
for my dinner table. I love to use tablecloths and placemats in my kitchen.
And if you use a formal dining area, it is just so beautiful.

The leaves are changing and falling off!
But they do not seem to be the least worried over the change.

When all your children have grown up and have left home,
To start their own families it is what we hoped they would of achieved.

So when you have those special times when the whole family comes together;
It is always what we call a full house ...

We have full beds and makeshift beds on the floor.
We have large quantities of food and goodies.

We are either feast or famine!

Learning to adapt and to overcome all changes is so important!
I know longer spend my time micro managing others...

I have seen over the years we are in these two modes
The Famine is the most common;
Everyone is busy working or unavailable.
They days of families getting together for a family meal often is
not so common any more.
The nucleus family dynamics have changed!
You may even feel lonely, as you miss the family closeness.

The Feast mode comes during holidays
Seasonal get together's
Times of transitions

There are so many things you can do to enjoy each mode;
Set your heart and mind first of all!
Choose to enjoy each mode!

Enjoy the famine time to rest and to enjoy quiet things

Enjoy the feast mode, with all the business and laughter and messes!

But always allow for yourself and your spouse a bit of space!
We need that, but I can say when everyone leaves:
The house is way too quiet!

As Always...
Living From Glory To Glory


  1. I always enjoy your letters they are a blessing to me.

  2. Very insightful. There are so many seasons in our lives and in our homes. May we learn to enjoy each of them!

  3. Such a timely reminder to me to enjoy what we have TODAY. Thank you, I needed to hear it.


  4. This is something that has contributed to my emotional turmoil during the last month after surgery. We are in transition with my middle kids being busy and gone from the house much of the time now. My youngest daughter and I are having a hard time adjusting. Having all this happening when I've been fighting cancer and on pain meds has made it worse. Beginning to pull out of the hardest emotional crisis I've been through in a long time. Hoping to find peace in a new normal. Glad I've got my youngest a bit longer. Hugs to you and happy Thanksgiving!

  5. What a good analogy Roxy, it does seem to be feast or famine after your kids are grown and gone! I pray your time is blessed with all the family coming in!


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