Sunday, September 16, 2018

Receiving Mercy...

Receiving Mercy, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Giving Mercy
Receiving Mercy

How we can be plagued with guilt and grief...

Giving mercy is so biblical; But receiving Mercy is different!

Sometimes we look back and we can see the mistakes we have made;
Raising our children, are early days of marriage!
One of the things that can keep us awake at night is guilt or grief!

We must learn to forgive ourselves after we come to our
Heavenly Father and asked for His forgiveness;
Give it up to Him...

Why take back the guilt or sorrow?

I like to do a little symbolic body action at times;
I give my leg and arms a little shake and shake that thing off!
Sounds silly, but sometimes I feel like that thing just is clinging.

Learning to control one's own mind is a powerful thing!
Too many times we begin to have what the Word calls
"A Vain Imagination"

Take a hold of your mind; only allow what is good to take root!
Clean thinking is what will give you the wits to discern!
The only way you can tell the truth from a lie is to study the truth!

If you believed every commercial and ad that came across your path;
You would be filled with nonsense!

You do not have to live under guilt or grief!
Shake it off, and do not invite it back!

Mercy Will Always Give You More...

Thank You All For Visiting!!

Love, Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Roxy you are so wise. I really think these lovely teachings of yours should be in a book. I would definitely by it.

  2. Well Lord bless you sis!

    I am a 50 year old homemaker/Mother/Grandma living in an empty nest. I have been plagued at lest half of my life with severe panic attacks. (as has my mothers and daughter) Imagine living a Christine life, filled with Christian friends and pretty much having to hide the fight inside my mind... but HE is faithful!

    Anyway, what a blessing reading this has been!! Thank you so much, from your sister in Christ.

  3. Your written words today speak truth to me. Thank you for sharing from your heart.Blessings

  4. There is abundant mercy in the Lord.And He causes all things to work out for our good.
    What joy to know we can take all our concerns, failures, hopes and those we love and leave them in His care....then go forth in freedom of forgiveness and His love to enjoy the day that the Lord has made.

    Love you dear friend


  5. Well written Mrs. Roxy! Thank God for His mercy and for being the BEST example of how we are to show mercy to others.

  6. My life has been busy and I saved your post to read until I could take it all in. I’m so glad I did! I’m read it through tears and relief.
    “You don’t have to live under guilt or grief!
    Shake it off and don’t invite it back!”
    A post well worth reading over and over.
    Peace to you.


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