Monday, October 19, 2009


Here I sit after many days of going and going. Week-ends of conference's and such goooood
things. Yet, I could feel the tired weariness of my body. It feels so good to just stop and say enough. I will stop and wait upon the Lord and He will renew my strength. My job is to wait.
Waiting can be tough if you have never trained yourself to "wait"

Business seems to be the tactic of the enemy in this generation. I have asked many different people (how are you doing?) And these are there response, I am just ssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo Busy.
Come on let's get a new line. Or better yet we could just simplify our lives and schedules.

We must ask ourselves, are we doing what we want to be doing? And are these things bringing glory to God in our lives and marriages? We must learn to discern what is nessesary and what is just business. We will one day give account of our days and time He has given us.

I just want to encourage all my sisters! Stop and listen to the still small voice, rest in His rest.
Take stock of your to do list. what can you eliminate or cut back on. Make better choices and your family and your relationships will prosper. He is our strength, but He even went away and rested alone.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kingdom Keys

Feeling Like Someone Is Up To No Good!
It  does not matter what our size is big or small, we have been given a position and authority
to not feel like we are bait for the enemy.

We have been given keys to help in times of being in danger or over powered. There are times I ask myself what is the key to unlock this door of problems. He is willing to help us!
We just forget to ask Him.
Yet, here is what we will do when we lose something;

 How many times have you lost your keys, and then asked the Lord,
 please show me where I left my keys? 
And then you look in the same place that you looked before and there they are!

Our Father has given us the Kingdom keys! So we hold a powerful tool for unlocking truths and locking out demonic influence. For these keys are called KINGDOM OF HEAVEN KEYS.

Keys are a sign of authority, and they hold the ability to open up heaven and all it's resources.
Matthew 16:19 and I will give you the keys!! You got them so use them, God is just waiting to have you use them in His name and the authority He has given you.

Learn to bind and loosen, take back what the enemy has stolen. Stop the enemy from stealing. And learn to release the blessings and favor of the Lord in your life.

We must learn to exercise the very things He has given us to walk in dominion and overcome.

Blessings, Roxy

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