Wednesday, January 5, 2011


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Ready and willing is what this guy is saying!

Be prepared is his motto...

We can dress the part and be just about anybody now a days.
 I was just thinking about how the Lord looks upon the heart and not our appearance
 But I do believe we need to be ready to speak the word in every situation.
 Even if we don't quote chapter and verse, it is the Spirit who brings life to the WORDS we speak!

We live in the West and there is a code to live by,
 Cowboy Up!!

How ready and willing are you to be used to bless and encourage others?

I know looks upon the heart;
But sometimes we as humans look to others to see if they
Look safe and willing to comfort;
There are so many shady looking characters now days!

I do not want to say that looks are everything;
But they are important in some ways!

Being clean and tidy goes a long ways...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog


  1. Love that little cowboy Rox. Marie and I are sitting here, trying to catch up a little on blogging. So glad to catch up on your post, and love the allegory. Yes, cowboy up is a great word, we all better get ready for the ride don't you think.

    Sure do love the picture of those little guys.
    Love you and miss you.
    Pam and Marie

  2. Such precious little cowboys! And amen! You don't realize how much I eat up your writing and words. Thank you so much for posting Roxy! I needed to hear this!

    Cowboy up! :D


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