Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hearing Ear...

Hearing Ear, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

These our some words I have been seeing in the Word that inspired me!

Storm Warnings
Come away My Beloved
Peace Be Still
How Sweet It Is
Come, Come
Wait For They Shall Surely Come
Seek Ye First The Kingdom
Hold Fast
Set Apart

Light is sown for the righteous, And gladness for the upright in heart.
Psalm 97:11


Living From Glory To Glory


Elizabeth said...

Oh its beautiful! I am so glad you posted this, now I can come back on occasion and have another read! :)

It was oh-so-nice talking to you over the phone today. It changed the whole rest of my afternoon and evening.

By the way I am loving your new background and buttons! So stylish :P

Love you so much Roxy!


Pam said...

Loved hearing and reading your post Rox. I have been hearing some of the same words.

Love your new background it all looks great. So glad to get to talk for a brief moment to you today. Will catch up once I get home.
Love you,

Marie said...

Hi Roxy!!
So loved reading these encouraging words. I want to write them down and not forget them. They sure ring true in my ears and when I read them just now they got me all excited for what the Lord is about to do.

SO love the new background as well. It is so pretty!!!

~ Marie

Sue said...

Hi Roxy, Like your title of this post, as my desire is to have a listening ear to the voice of God... always. I also am blessed by your list, thank you for sharing your heart.
Hugs, Sue

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