Monday, March 7, 2011

Look At The Birds

Being Prepared

We are living in some pretty perilous days, wars and rumors of wars!

Sound familiar?

I want to encourage each and everyone out there to think very seriously, about how well prepared are you for a winter storm or drought?

Or how well prepared are you for even a small natural disaster?

We would be wise stewards if we would be prepared to feed and take care of our families if something should happen. Walmart is not our provider and we should not look to it to even care about what we might need in days of woe. We should learn something from a generation gone by as to what a family had and put up or put back.

My new up and coming articles on being prepared


I was watching the birds this morning and they were out there just looking for food and coming in huge flocks to eat from our bird feeder. And I said even the birds know when a storm is coming. It has started to snow and wind is blowing, the birds are hunkered down for the night.

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