Monday, January 4, 2016

Can You Rate Yourself...

Sometimes we can rate our levels of good old fashion common sense.

If we never take the time to look at why we do what we do, we become
Stunted in growing of areas that need to shift and change.

Let's face it, are dynamics change and we need to reevaluate how we live
And what we do in our day.

I find myself not trying new things, like when I was much younger;
But I still think it is important to think about something that you would like to do!

I always like to go or do something new every year!
It always does not have to be something huge or expensive!!

Common sense can usually give you a heads up for what might be a new direction!

If you have not even tried a new food in a decade, then you might be in a rut!

If you think your happiness depends on others, you may be stuck emotionally!
(I have experienced this when my children grew up and left home)

Having a healthy state of mind for me depends on my heart's ability
To move on and to learn new things!
And to take pleasure in simple things!

That feeling of being able to clean out and to make a break of old habits,
Can allow us to revamp and overcome.

I have learned the hard way to rate myself...
I do not want to be naive of what and where I am in this place called life!

When we are learning to change things up, realize that it can take over 30 days to
Reprogram our thinking and our actions!

1-10    Rate Your flexibility

Always, Roxy


  1. Thanks Roxy for this post. I am cautious about making changes and doing something different. I do like change though. Thanks for your visit and sweet comments today. Have a wonderful day and week. Julie

  2. Hello! I don't mind changing things up a bit as long as it doesn't effect my Just kidding. It's good to do different things to keep from being in any kind of rut. But, I even notice the older I get, I don't like sudden change or alterations to my daily activities. Like for example having a second fridge right next to my kitchen door.... ;) it's throwing everything off.... ( but I am thankful for a fridge that's working)
    I hope you have a "change it up" kind of week!
    Hugs, Amy

  3. I just love this post! I would say that most days I am a 7... I like to say you got to roll with the punches. Miss you....


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