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Living The Dream...

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Living The Dream...

My dream was to marry and have children and to live in the country!

I know that this dream was given to me by the hand of the Lord;
I am so thankful the Lord gave me a husband that wanted to be
Married and have a family. I think in this world we have so many,
Younger couples that never even plan to marry or to have children.

I heard a friend of mine say recently that she was lonely
 as she also lives in the country, but she said a very interesting come back;
I guess we would be just as lonely in the city...

It is really very true, as so many people do not even know they're
Own neighbors!

I really enjoy the quiet and solitude that the space provides.

Sometimes it does feel lonely;
But I think after we have been in town every day for a week;
We both say in unison, it is so good to be back home.

Where are the young ladies that want marriage;
And to love and honor their husbands?

Where are the ladies who desire to have children and not wait
Till they are finished with law school?
Does anyone want to live in the country?

Well, it really does not matter where you live!
~It is how you live~ 

I will never regret staying married and having children!
But I think we have a generation of people that have made choices;
That will feel empty and self absorbed one day!

I heard a professional today tell me this;
We now look like a city that could be called a ghetto!
I thought "what" She said it is the way people dress and
They do not even brush their teeth!
She said it is a disgrace!

I just nodded my head and said yes, it is true!

If the Lord will put a young woman in your life that you
Might be able to steer in the right direction;
To cause her to have a heart for home and hearth!


  1. Lovely photo. I am glad you have found love, peace, and contentment in living your dream. I often think of that song from the Sound of Music: "Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, till you find your dream. A dream that will need all the love you can give, every day of your life for as long as you live..." That dream very well may not be the same for everyone, but none can find true contentment until they find their own dream: the will of God for their lives.

  2. I am a dear friend who has always dreamed of being married and having children. She has never met the right person and a year ago adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia. She still longs to be married. Would you pray that God will grant her the desires of her heart.

  3. I am very thankful, that God allowed me to fulfill my dream of being married, and live in the country, I also married a farmer, which at first I thought I didn't want to, but found that was where my heart was! I am especially thankful that I married the farmer and we were able to rear our children in the country , on the farm!
    I agree with all that you have written!.

  4. You ask where are the young ladies who want to marry and have children. In my experience, the question would be where are the MEN who want to marry and have children? I often pray for the women I know who would love to marry, but the options are few and far between. (I am praying for four right now.) There is a real fear of commitment.

    You always make me think, Roxy!

  5. I really appreciated this comment as it is a very valid point!
    I guess that will be another blog post!
    Why are there so many men so afraid of commitment?
    These are hard questions to answer!

  6. Oh how wonderful that you were able to live out your dream, being married, having children, and living in the country! I loved the picture you shared too... isn't snow just so beautiful!

    I enjoyed your thoughts about women being happy and content to love and nurture their families, and the sad lack of such a desire in today's society. I too know many women who wait until their late 30s to have children, and I have begun telling them... having children is really best when you are in your 20s, when you still have all the energy it takes to be there for them. I'm glad I had my children in my 20s, and I have a few years hopefully yet before grandchildren come along, lol!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day Roxy... always enjoy your thoughts! :)

  7. I also am so fortunate to have left the town and live in a country estate, be married to a wonderful man and enjoy all the Gladness only the direct contact with Nature can give !
    We're truly blessed, Roxy,
    enjoy the remainder of your week
    Sending dear love

  8. What a post, my friend! I have someone in my life that is a dear family member and she and her other half have been together {not married} for several years. A year ago they had a child together and she has longed to get married. For the last month they have been going through many ups and downs and it's mainly because he does not want to commit. He thinks everything is fine just the way it is, but in reality he is hurting the family he has started.

    It breaks my heart to see so many couples do it the wrong way then desire to do it the right way but find it's too late because one or the other does not want to commit. God showed us how to do it right and it's for a reason.

    I, too, longed to marry and have a family and I am so thankful the Lord allowed that to happen. I am thankful for women like you who are willing to teach the younger and I pray this message goes out to MANY!

    Love and hugs to you!

  9. Great post is a sad commentary when women forsake
    marriage and children. It will be a demographic winter in our
    country. Oh that people could see the treasured value of keeping
    our God Given Roles. I agree also that our boys need to become men
    of valor not men of X-Box games. Kelly Thompson

  10. I always had a dream to marry and have children but I never thought about living in the country until just the past several years. Now I really long to live in the country and it might just be possible since we have been offered a place to build on our dear Adam's property in TN. I guess if the Lord wants to fulfill this part of my dream...well, we'll see :)Great post, Roxy!

  11. Bless you my dear. My life looks nothing like I thought it would except for two things. My God and My Lowell I still have both! The four children are a bonus!

  12. Roxy, I agree with Vee. I think there is dearth of men willing to be men. Our daughter knows many nice young men but many are not willing to commit to much in life. Some are afraid and some are selfish. There are a few who are growing in the Lord and so I pray the Lord will help them all to know that there is great joy in walking in His way. We older ones can indeed pray for them all. Good to back for a visit here! Good content!

  13. Hi Roxy, my dreams have come true too and God continues to show me the way. I have always been the type to be thankful for the place I am in at the time. I feel God directed me to my wonderful husband, son and my precious family.
    Lovely photo of snow!!
    Have a wonderful new year. Blessings, Celeste xo

  14. I so, so, long to live in a somewhat rural setting. I have been praying for this for a long time. I am married and have children and we live in a place that is not really considered a city, and yet has a high population like a city and the traffic to match. It seems to get more stressful and unpleasant every year. My husband also wants to move, but it never seems the right time or circumstances (such as the value of our house dropped about 75% a few years ago and hasn't recovered). My oldest child is in ninth grade this year and so it feels like time is running out for us to live "in the country" before the kids want to go their own ways.
    As for as women not wanting to marry and have children, I think you are quite right. Many of the friends I went to school with are not married, or they are married by don't have any children and don't want any. There is also a big trend where we live for married women with children to abandon their husbands and families. Most of them are the wives of my husband's friends or former co-workers, and most of the men are devastated. A few of them are my (former) friends or wives of men from church(!) They usually want to seek out a more exciting or attractive man, or they want to spend time going on girls' trips and going on girls' nights to the bars. Most of the eventually ex-husbands take the kids for the majority of the time. I am shocked by how many there have been just over the last two years. Again this may be due to my living in a city atmosphere that seems to be degrading in values. I think it would be so beneficial for our family to leave here and could use all the prayers anyone is willing to say for us.


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