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Why I Have Always Loved Having A Pretty Kitty...

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Yes, That Is A Picture Of Me In My Much Younger Years

Pretty Kitty
When I was a little girl, I use to have a scrapbook  filled
with pictures of kitties I use to cut them out from magazines.
I really enjoyed looking for them, it became a game!
Some kids collected stamps, but I collected kitty pictures.
Some of the cutest ones were found on my birthday cards!

But what is really weird; 
I really was allergic to cats, but I still loved them.
About 15 years ago, my hubby got me a kitty for
~Valentines Day~

It took me awhile, but I did build up an immunity from her dander.
I still must wash my hands after petting her, or I can get itchy eyes or a  runny nose.

Every little kitty needs a friend to groom her,
and to play beauty parlor with them.
Or even dress her up and place her in a basket.
(But if you do not handle them a lot while they are little kitties,
They never get used to a lot of handling)

And you need to usually make the decision
As to whether your kitty will be an indoor or outdoor pet!
This little kitty is playing hide and seek..

I have always enjoyed seeing my kitty curled up in front of the wood stove
sleeping and reminding me that she is not worried about anything.
Purring is also very relaxing to hear in the background.

I know so many of you do not care for cats,
But I think they are just sweet to look at and to have around.
Yes, I have had to deal with cat hair,
And we did get her de-clawed when she was a kitten.
And you can always train your kitty to not jump on certain furniture items!
We used a spray bottle of water to really get tough on her!
She pretty much just sleeps and eats;
Now, that is the life...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

But I find it all worth it!
She has been a comfort to me.

Love, Roxy


  1. We've always had cats. My boys had no problems with them until they went away to college. Now, they are allergic to them so when my son who lives far away comes and visits with me, I have to lock them up in a room but at least they have each other. My girls never have had a problem.

    Ours are indoor cats since we've lost way too many to coyotes, plus they get fleas, parasites,and eat rat poison which one of our did and is was terrible watching him die. The ones we have now are very content to stay inside!

  2. I don't think I knew anyone who had a cat when I was growing up, which is odd. I grew up in Indianapolis and while I remember seeing stray dogs, cats never seemed to stray into our neighborhood. My daughter and I were talking about this yesterday and how when we moved to this tiny little town in the country cats occasionally just showed up and we fell in love with the little creatures. She is grown up now and has 2 cats of her own. One of her cats was actually thrown off of a 75 foot bridge over a reservoir where my oldest son was fishing with my daughter's husband 2 yrs ago. He was just a tiny kitten and he swam to my son who was calling to him and preparing to go in after him. My daughter took him in and he is now a handsome 20lb gray and white cat. We have a tiny manx ( no tail)female who I think has some Persian in her due to her double coat ( she looks like a fur ball in Winter!) and a male tabby who was rescued by the same son who saved the drowning kitten - this time from a pit bull who was killing the barn cats. He has a huge personality and is endless entertainment for us. The funny thing is that this son always claimed to be more the dog lover and he is allergic to cats, as you are. Some cats bother him more than others.

    Your cat is extremely beautiful. She looks like she is a very loveable and loving cat.

  3. My dearest Roxy,
    I truly cannot imagine my life without cats, I live with them since I was a child, and nothing can be compared to the joy, the gladness, the support and the love they give us !
    Sending much, so much love to you,
    sweetest friend, be blessed !

  4. Cute cat. We love ours. She lives outdoors but has a heating pad in her house on the back porch. Still very spoiled!

  5. Oh I very much enjoyed this post today. We had our kitty George for 15 years before he passed away a few years ago. He was the first and only cat I've ever had. He thought he was part dog! We had a puppy and a kitten at the same time. The kitten would chase the kids around the house just like the dog and the dog would give herself kitty baths with her front paws. It was quite a sight to see and they were best buddies. Oh, how I miss my kitty. Maybe someday I'll get another one but my fear is I won't have one as friendly and as affectionate as he was. I have seen so many standoffish cats. Thank you for sharing today.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. We once had kitties but when we got dogs, they didn't play well together. We haven't had one in many years.
    Take care Roxy.

  7. Roxy, growing up my family loved dogs, but hated cats. So no kitties for me. I obtained the same attitude, until my youngest daughter begged for one of the neighbors kitties. I grew to love that cat and we even adopted a second one. We no longer have a cat because we like to go to much, but I sure do love holding one and cuddling up to them!

  8. Oh, I so love a kitty, too.. Hubby just doesn't agree.. I have had several down through the years and loved each one.. Sweet post.. xo

  9. Roxy- We have something in common! I used to save pictures of kitties, too! I don't think there is anything much cuter than a little kitty jumping on some "prey". Love this post. Trying to get a few blog visits in tonight while hubby is feeling good. xo Diana

  10. We are definitely fur-lovers here, all kinds, dog and cats have always been a part of our home, and I can't imagine it any other way! Our sweet Simba is far too spoiled, and we often remark how cats really do have the great life, lol! He expects us to wait on his every whim and wish, and demands, and because he is so sweet, of course we oblige. Spoiled, yes indeed. Enjoyed this post, and the pictures too!

  11. I like your kitty. What's her name?
    I had a calico kitty when I was younger, her name was Mrs. Calabash.
    We called he Meow for short. Also had one named Muffin.
    Hugs to you and your kitty:)

  12. I love cats and wish I owned more than two!! Mine a spoilt rotten and they think they are princesses :))))

  13. Such a fun post about your relationship with cats. I think they are super cute as kittens. I had no idea that if they are handled a lot at that stage they will be used to handling, but, that you cannot train an older cat to cuddle. Interesting!! Have a lovely day. Hugs, Camille

  14. Roxy,

    Your cat is a real beauty!! I too am allergic to cats, and as a child I was very allergic. I wanted a cat so badly, but was told I couldn't have one. Then when I was 10 my guinea pig died, my parents felt sorry for me that they decided to allow me to get a cat. I had that cat for 13 years, she was my best friend growing up. Currently my cat Winston is curled up on our bed, very happy to be inside away from the cold.



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