Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach Blessings...

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A Labor of Love: You find out that you're expecting, the sheer joy and fear come over you with all its force of nature. Take a deep breath and you have 9 months to let it settle and grow and bond. Forever a part of you! My daughter and friend.

We start out being the only one in this relationship that is carrying the whole load, then, alas, we have those years of love and adoration of Mommy and daughter. We grow and laugh together, we learn about each other likes and dislikes. What an awesome adventure. Our love is a love that God has put into our hearts. He chose us to be Mother and daughter. But we have the choice to be friends. And what a wonderful thing to have a daughter as your dearest friend.

Love, Mom


  1. Oh mom that was so sweet! I feel the same way about you! It was wonderful to be able to have you as my best friends growing up and still today. I may live on the other side of states but are hearts and minds are still close. I am so glad that we are able to share many things together! Love you so very much!!
    Your loving daughter Ashley Marie

  2. What beautiful words Roxy! I love seeing the picture of you and Ashley! And reading both of your comments back and forth on each other's blogs! So sweet!

    Much love!


  3. Ya'll totally made me get a lump in my throat! That is my prayer for Abi and I, that we would have a healthy, loving, respectful relationship now, and that I would be able to let her grow into her own little person and we could be friends as she gets older.
    LOVE to see the relationship between you!
    Thank you for sharing, and being a beautiful example.

  4. Whata wonderful photo and post Roxy :) A true blessing to have a duaghter, especially as a friend :)

    Have a most blessed weekend in Him!


    PS I love that He gives you rainbows :)

  5. My daughters are growing up. This encouraged me tonight!


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