Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome Home

Baking Bread

This was such a fun day we made a ton of bread dough. We first grounded up fresh wheat and got to experience dough up to our elbows. Then we made up some flat bread. It was so good and we had a ball. We really enjoy getting together and doing some sort of project.

We think of bread as a vital substance of life. Yet the word tells us that man cannot live on bread alone but every word that proceed out of the mouth of God.

I want to encourage so many of you ladies out there to nuture your friendships that have been given to you by God. You know they are a gift to you and He expects us to to take time for them and to love them.

I was thinking the other day about a thing we may do and not realize what it should mean. If you have a welcome mat or a welcome sign at your front door entry it might be a good idea to ask yourself does this really apply here?


To feel loved and appreciated. Given a good smile and hug. Ask if they would like something to drink, offer a snack or a meal. Hospitality is a sign of a gracious women.

I want to thank all the women who have offered a real WELCOME to others .


Take time to thank God for the frienships He has given you!!


  1. Hospitality is such a dying artform. That said, I am so thankful for blogging -- I've gotten to know so many hospitable gals. We can surely restore it :)


  2. Miss Roxy,
    Loved this post! Loved it! Real bread is like nothing else with real butter! Oh yum!
    You are so right about the WELCOME mats, you are welcome here anytime!

  3. Such a great reminder Roxy! I love the picture of you two together in your kitchen making bread mmmmmm!

    Love your new layout! Its just gorgeous Roxy!


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