Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jelly Time And Learning To Can Produce...

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A Labor Of Love
My friends and I went to a class last night offered by our Extension Office.
It was on Pressure canning. The do's and dont's.
Wow, did we get checked!!!
Just because it's the way we have always done it does not make it SAFE.
It cost us 5 dollars!
And we all know in today's economy that is a deal.
We all also won a prize, which cost about 5 bucks.
So now the class is FREE.
It is time to learn and to update your knowledge on water bath canning,
And to learn how to pressure can, non acid foods, meat starch vegetables etc.
These old ways of putting up and back is the now new, of how to be prepared in these tough days of inflation in our food cost!
Can I hear an Amen?
What can we expect in the near future in our food cost?
I can make a real good guess...
It's going UP!
I want to know that I am doing something to protect my family when a loaf of bread cost
5 dollars.
Believe me it can happen overnight.
Educate yourself, learn to cook from basic ingredients.
Purchase a cookbook and a canning book!
It is all about having the staples.
Figure out what are the staples your family will need.
Stock up and not out of fear, but pure and simple wisdom!!
Fill your heart and home with the goodness of a
Labor of Love
"By perseverance the snail reached the ark."
By the way this was Plum Jelly and a Harvest Butter in the picture:)
Blessings, Roxy


  1. All the Jelly looks so good. Wish I could have been there with you all!

  2. I love your new background Rox.... it looks great, so pretty, and different than anything I have seen. What a nice recap of our canning class; definitely a bargain for our lives wasn't it. And I too wish Ashley my own girls could have come. We learned so much and had a great time to be sure. Well, you be blessed Rox.

    Much Love,


  3. Roxy, it has been so long since I have visited your beautiful blog. I love this post and the wisdom behind it! Just like Ashley said, I wish I could have been there with you all, Ashely included :)

    Marie just bought a pressure cooker and canning jars. It looks like we need to find out all the tips and hints you two learned!

    Love and miss you sweet friend!

  4. I'm a jelly maker too! And about my pumpkin fudge recipe, each time I have made it, it's been smooth, I think it all depends on how well you blend in the sugar, it could be grainy if not mixed in well? Hope you try it!

  5. Oh dito to all the above comments Roxy! LOVE it so much!! You inspire me to get canning lol!

    Much love

  6. I'm so thankful for the skill of canning and preserving. It's a skill that paid off in immeasurable ways!


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