Saturday, September 29, 2012

Aprons And More

Why I love My Aprons
Have you ever just made a wee bite to eat, and
looked down to discover food splattered all
over your nice clean clothes.
I can remember the first time this happened when it just crushed me.
It was Thanksgiving Day,
and I was mixing the gravy and it splattered all over
my brand new top.
Now, my hubby sweetly said why didn't you put  an
apron on??
LIKE ,I don't have ONE!!
Days after a ruined shirt never to be worn again.
I did find an old apron made by my hubbies sister in home economics class
many moons ago.  So I used it as my pattern...
Now, I have many lovely different fabrics, a few different patters,
but the principle is still the principle.
Why I love my aprons.
More on aprons to come.
Blessings, Roxy


  1. I love my aprons too. I have a blog post in my head about them and the fact that when I put one on I feel ready to do my work around the house. I am far more focused and get far more done when wearing one than when not!

  2. I love my aprons too Rox, I have to thank you for helping me get myself into the apron wearing mode... I always loved and admired the idea, but never quite got to making one or buying one I liked; I had one that was really more of a barbecue one, which doesn't cut it, it must be cute, must be feminine, it must inspire, like Kirsteen said to be ready to do my work around the house, and now I am equipped. Thanks for making me that first cute apron... and the others as well.. love them.

    Love and Blessings Rox,


  3. Oh wow I LOVE this post Roxy! I need to write a post on why I love your aprons!! I still cherish mine that you made me so much and don't want to use it for fear of getting it dirty lol!!
    Can't wait for your next apron posts and what you have to share with us!!

    LOVE YOu
    ~ Marie

  4. Oh I forgot to mention how beautiful you are and I am loving this cute picture!!! Miss you and miss your beautiful home so much. I had so much fun with you last year and I wish I could come over right now and we could have a nice long chat over a cup of tea!!

    ~ Marie

  5. I know this is a post from a few years ago Roxy, but it popped up and I immediately thought how pretty you looked! In your kitchen, looking so lovely in the apron and cooking for your family...I just loved this!!!!


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