Sunday, September 2, 2012

Amazing Days Are Coming

A Day To Remember
This was an amazing day. 
 We took a drive to meet some friends for dinner, at a wonderful mountain restaurant.
The drive was so refreshing, and cool. Every mile higher brought relief from the blazing heat.
Higher and higher till our ears popped.
Cooler and cooler the temperature kept dropping!
Nothing like great food and best friends!
Danny and I picked pine cones because they were so pretty, and smelled wonderful.
Maybe I can find a craft project for fall or Christmas to use these treasures in.
God is amazing in how He orchestrates our lives with His body of believers.
We ran into our other great friends while up there, and we all got together  in our friends cabin. and we had the most powerful time in prayer and worship.
We had church folks!
His Presence just flowed over us!
God is taking His people to new heights.
Keep looking Up for His redemption is Nigh.
Were going up, now is the time to see higher.
Think higher thoughts.
Hear in the Spirit.
He has great things in store for His children.
Blessings Roxy


  1. What a wonderful post about our wonderful day. I delight in the memory of it. It was a landmark day and night.

    Much Love,


  2. Oh I need some of those pine cones for my at class. Ours have not started dropping yet!

    With all the news this week ~ I too am getting kind-of homesick see my Heavenly home!

    You have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh Daddy lookes so goo! Sure do miss you all. Hope you can come out here real soon!

  4. LOVE this Roxy!! You are such a blessing and I have missed you so much!!
    Loved hearing about your night with the Lord, you got me so excited! Such a great picture of Danny too!!

    Love you all like family that you are!!

  5. I love it when we gather with friends and the Spirit flows!
    God be praised!


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