Monday, April 8, 2013

Riding The Fence...

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Riding the fence can be a very dangerous and uncomfortable place to be!

We are called to walk circumspectly.
What does that mean?
It means  with caution and discreetly

There are so many different agendas being implemented in
every arena in our lives.
I read a statement lately that said should not get our
Theology from blogs. Or in my opinion from television
Or all the many different books that have a false belief system.
A wise statement!
We must go deeper and seek out the truth, of these different agendas
 Ask yourself what are the,
  foundational core beliefs that are promoting so
many of these new and old agendas?
The word tells us to be convinced in your own mind!
But truth must line up with the scriptures.
Being diligent in our studies and inquiring about
programs and movements.
I believe riding the fence for a long time will leave you
Vulnerable to many lies and deceptions.
We are called to live in open spaces!
We must be discreet , but we are not ashamed of
Living, whole and set apart from these agendas.
Do not do it just because everyone else is!
Remember your Mother always saying;
If your friends would jump off a cliff,
would you follow?)
We do not want to walk in the wilderness.
Aim for the promise land.


Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Oh my goodness did you hit the nail on the head!!!
    We are such a technology driven generation. But also, the blog-o-sphere has given every person a platform.
    Well said, and a great reminder!!

  2. The kind of truth we are looking for does not come from man or the internet or any other source on earth. Truth is of God and is revealed by the Holy Spirit of Truth. So if we want to know for ourselves what is true we go to One who is Truth. He said, I am the way, the Truth and the Life.
    Sitting on the fence was so uncomfortable for me because I wouldnt ask God for His truth, only asked my friends and thought the church was the place to find truth. It should be but if they are not of the truth, the revelation of Life cannot be imparted. Truth only comes from Truth. Life only comes from Life.
    Praise God there is a source, one source of Life and He is our Creator, the ONe who gave His life so we could have His Life.


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