Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why We Need To Be Pantry Prepared...

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Fresh Eggs

 Fresh Spices

This could be the time we had better stop relying on fast food and
pre-packaged food items to feed our families.

I have been very concerned about the state of affairs on every front.
But as a woman of God, I do not fear.
But, after saying this I also must say many families
could have much more hardship.
Just because Momma doesn't know how to really cook
and prepare meals from scratch.

Many people have had it so easy to just eat what they buy each night.
 In most homes we are no longer
preparing nutritious soups, or serve home cooked meals.

Most baked goods are bought from the store.
No freshly baked cookies made from scratch, even
the dough comes in a roll now.

This is my concern!
If we were to have a real crisis in this country,
would you be able to feed your family with
only uncooked and raw items?
Like dried beans not cooked for you?
What if you had no soups all made up in a can?
No jelly in a jar!
No bread all baked up and sliced.
Could you feed your family?
I will say this; we must get in a better prepared state,
for our families.
I believe if you will put forth the effort God will help you
accomplish this task.

For it is the woman's mandate to be the keeper of her home.
But I am all for the help of all who live in our homes.
Take stock of what you know about cooking;
Make time to learn what you do not know!
Start putting staples back now, before the prices get much higher.
A List Of Staples:
Flour, Sugar, Powder and canned milk,
Shortening and lard,
(Don't freak out, I do not normally use these
ingredients, but these foods will be a must if things collapse)!
Vegetable oil
Beef and Chicken bouillon
Salt, vinegar,
Baking soda, and baking powder, yeast.
All kinds of pasta
Dried beans!!
Tuna, canned vegetables and fruit.
Be wise and really pray about this,
As I believe that our families are counting on us!


  1. Amen! I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm so blessed and I thank God for giving me the desire to cook and wanting to learn every aspect of cooking "made from scratch" abilities. It's gross really when you think about all the dyes and unnecessary ingredients they put in our foods now a days. Nothing like enjoying a homemade pot of soup or a nice casserole (and you know what you put into it).
    Well said!

  2. Roxy,
    You are so right hard times are coming and are already here for some. Being able to cook from scratch is so important I can not believe how many out there can’t do it though. Not only are you saving money when you do but you are not getting all the added chemicals and things that are added to prepared food. So much more healthy for you plus it just taste so much better.

  3. Hi Roxy- I do cook mostly from scratch..although I don't bake my own bread anymore. But-I keep a full pantry and try to cook simple, wholesome meals. xo Diana ps. I do resort to those dairy shelf cookies sometimes in a pinch!

  4. I so agree with your post, Roxy. I feel sad when I see families buying all the processed junk foods. It is as if they just don't care about themselves and their families. I remember when we ate home cooked food every night and all sat around the table together. These are happy memories, and we felt so secure with those routines

  5. Its a good reminder and encouragement Rox,
    we do need to keep plowing through this hard ground, and cultivate a new way of living don't we, while we still have the opportunity.


  6. We've survived hard times on things like this.


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