Thursday, January 26, 2017

See No Evil...

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See No Evil...

Everything you see with your eyes make an impression upon your heart and mind!

All of it, whether it is good and pleasant;
Suggestive and immoral
Evil and scary

The world screams look at me!
Women taunt; look at me!
Fear draws; Watch me!

Our eyes have a pull that is like a magnet;
You can be drawn into the lust of the flesh through your eyes!
Have you heard the saying?
Eye Candy

Just because it looks lovely or pretty or delicious;
People, Stuff or Food...
We are not to be led or controlled by what we see!

We are called to have a covenant with our eyes...

We have way too much access to things very unwholesome,
Our Men ate tempted everywhere...
Women are tempted by magazines and Soap Operas!

Your life will turn into just fluff and stuff if you can not discern
Between good and evil!

Once a door is opened to something, it can be very hard to close it!
Internet access
Cable Television
Beware of what is coming over these airwaves...

I want to make a suggestion;

Stop playing with fire...
When you see evil, turn away;
Run from evil.
Stay away from the appearance of evil...

Many forms of news and newspapers now thrive on scary or evil.
Even if this stuff is real, it still will cause you to respond and react.

A steady diet of it will cause upset to our emotions and well being!

But I would also like to suggest good books and magazines;
Keep these around your coffee table or your magazine holder!
Reading something that uplifts your heart is a good thing!

Have a nice collection of good and wholesome movies!

How can I keep myself from all these things?
Be a watch women for yourself, your husband and family!

X Rated And R Rated is now the norm for many;
I remember as a child we saw nothing immoral!

But today we must take extra precautions...

Remember Job made a covenant with his eyes!
We also can do the same...

Remember, we are all called to live;
From Glory To Glory


  1. Very wise words. I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you for sharing these thought with us.

  2. I worry about the next generation-these kids coming up that see too much, hear too much, know too much before they have a chance to really get to just be kids. It is scary what is out there in the world for everyone to see. xo Diana

  3. The airwaves are dangerous. I heard a minister the other day referring to Satan as the "prince of the air," as in airwaves. I thought he hit the nail on the head with that. Many, many things being sold as entertainment are seriously riddled with evil. Everytime we watch it we are letting it in. It could be a spirit of wrath and then after you watch it you get in a fight. It is real and it needs to be know! Thanks for sharing this Roxy, once again you are right!

  4. Thank you Roxy..
    God bless you

  5. Wonderful post Roxy! There is so much out there for kids now days with internet and Iphones. The innocence we experienced as kids is now long gone. I feel bad that kids seem to grow up way too fast! They just have to. I was so naive and didn't mind at all. I know that pornography is a terrible addiction for many. That topic is being discussed with our youth in church on Sunday.

  6. Speak truth my friend! You're correct.

  7. Love the Sock Monkeys' I totally agree with Diana!

  8. Very wise words, Roxy. I agree we must guard out eyes--set no wicked thing before our eyes, as the Psalm says. It is so easy to let in things that are unwholesome. How different we would be if we spent our time instead in the Word or in other good, Christ-centered things.

    I hope you are well!

  9. You are right that our eyes are a magnet to our soul. A picture is worth a thousand words. God help us to preserve our hearts and minds and find ways to keep our eyes - and hearts - focused on good things.

  10. So true! T.V. shows are so immoral! Except for a couple good Christian channels giving light, the rest is used by the Devil I'm sure! I like your past post, also, of a stay-at-home grandmother. I wish more women were this (so I wouldn't be such an selfish reason!) as I benefited so much from my grandma's (and my mom also) being at home all day for me to pop in and visit when I was young. Truly inspired by the Holy Spirit...your blog is! Andrea

  11. Yes, be careful little eyes what you see! As women, we are keepers of our homes in this area as well. We need to be careful what is available to our families, each individual. Abstain from the appearance of's hard at times, but it's part of the battle for our homes.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. It grieves me to think about the ugly language and actions that children see even on the network news now. Evil is called good, and good is called evil.

  13. Absolutely true, and our eyes can draw us into trouble so fast. Keeping our eyes on Jesus keeps them from being led down a path of eventual destruction.

  14. I absolutely agree. This world is a scary place, getting scarier all the time. Open the eyes of my heart, Lord...I want to see YOU! Thank you for this post, Roxy. Blessings!


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