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Where Are All The Whistleblowers...

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Where Are All The Whisle Blowers?

Definition of a Whistleblower;
A person who exposes secretive information or activity within
Ones own private or public sphere!

These things are either illegal or immoral, fraudulent or corrupt;
Other words not correct, wrong doing!
How about just plain old UNETHICAL

Have you ever exposed something of this nature?
It can be a very scary situation;
As we mostly do not want to get involved or to be a trouble maker.

But yet these things can become threats to all our well-being.

The Word tells us to expose the darkness;
Yet, so many times the retaliation from those in power can be scary!

Are these people really getting away with these things?
It may seem to be what is happening; 
But all things will be exposed one day.

Maybe because the truth is now subject to your own interpretation?

Have you heard in these days,
I don't know what to believe?

Who is telling the truth anymore?!?
 I received this comment last week and I thought of just deleting it,
But then I decided to just share it...
Because it is disturbing and yet it is in the heart of someone.

"Anonymous Commenter"
Shall I----
Publish, Delete, Spam

As soon as boomers die off in mass, we millennials will vote for socialism. Within the next 5 to 10 years, as more and more of you boomers die off, 
We are going to turn America into a socialist country, 
And we are going to STOP giving 80 billion a year to Israel. 
Everything you boomers worked to create, we will destroy.

Look you can say what you want, but you are just a steward
Of the time allotted to you!
I advise to use it well...

So many are hurting in our world today,
Can we just do nothing?
We can pray, we can encourage,
We may even be able to shed some light on a wrong!

Sometimes we just need to do something!

Blessings, Roxy


  1. Oh my! To me that comment is terrifying. I pray daily for hearts to change, for people to realize Who gave them life and that they will have compassion and respect.

  2. Clearly the comment came from a heart of disbelief. No matter what people say the Bible remains true and God's Word endures forever. It's not the Boomers who are choosing to refuse socialism, it's every person young or old who has common sense that keeps such things at bay. And we remember the day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Some will bow willingly, some will be forced....but every knee shall bow. In the meantime, we speak the Truth in love and leave all those who live in pride and arrogance to be dealt with by the One Who sees everything and will reward each according to their work.
    God bless you as you minister to others.

  3. I think I have seen in my lifetime the change from my parents generation of God fearing, Faith believing people to what we have today. Somewhere along the way, social standing became more important that "true parenting" the Biblical way. I fear we are reaping the seeds sow, and a whirlwind is coming. The Bible says it's a fearful things to fall into the hands of the Living God. We need to wake up and have a Holy Fear of the one who loves us and saved us. So as Mountain Laurel said... in the meantime..we speak the Truth in grace and love. Thanks for sharing a post of wisdom and insight. Love you.

  4. That comment comes from the enemy of America and of God. It is of the utmost importance for Christians to use discernment these days as Satan works overtime and to recognize the handiwork of the enemy. "Get behind me Satan" is what I proclaim in the name of Jesus to that radical person who left that comment. I also get nasty comments from liberals and unbelievers on my blog. I am a sister in the Lord, know my God, am familiar with the word of God and know just who I am in God, and I appreciate your ministry here on your blog. My blog is a safe space for believers and conservatives alike. Sad that folks troll even blogs to attack Gods kids. We know who wins. Blessings.

  5. Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? Psalm 2:1. The comment made was most likely someone trolling and looking for a Christian to upset, but as the word says, we as believers can expect this type of thing. I can't even comment on a lovely worship song on YouTube without getting attacked with the same kind of nonsense. I also know a former blogger who took her blog down because of this kind of bullying. Don't give in to them. We stand firm in our faith and our conservative values and no unbeliever will sway me one bit. Truly it is so sad to see how lost so many are. I saw a beautiful video of a Christian man who went to a Satanic festival to seek the lost and pray for them. One of the most frightening ones stopped to talk with him and scoff at Jesus. Praise God, by the end of the conversation, the Satan worshipper was in tears. Many times these people's tough act is a facade because they are truly insecure and with no Holy Spirit to guide them, I can't imagine how they make it through the day. I will pray for this very lost and deceived individual, who is obviously seeking the wrong kind of attention. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy your wholesome, simple and God honoring posts. Thank you for being salt and light.

  6. Wow. That was a profoundly hateful comment. We'll see. I don't allow anonymous commenters because I think people who have such opinions should be willing to stand behind them. Anonymous=Coward imho. Now feel absolutely free to delete my obnoxious comment, Roxy. 😣

  7. That anonymous commenter does not speak for all millennials! This millennial will surely not be voting that way, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Greater is He that is in us! He is still on the throne! We will fret not ourselves over evildoers, but will trust in the Lord and do good.


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