Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Are You On Auto Pilot...


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Today Is What I Have Been Given

How will I use my time at the present time?

Is everything going to be on autopilot?

Will I just do the essentials in my survival mode?

No, I think I will make the mindful attitude of these wonderful choices;

I choose to be Happy

I choose Joy

Live in the Moment

Stay Calm and Drink A Cup Of Tea

Stop and smell the Roses

Maybe this whole Idea Of being in the moment is valuable.

How many times does a sweet moment just fly by?

May I listen to my own advice and take in this day and live;

To the fullest...

Make the time to thank God for all you have been given!

Because we are not promised tomorrow!

~Turn the auto pilot Off~

Hugs, Roxy


  1. 🩵 💚

    Wise words. Ok, I am sitting here thinking of all I am thankful for! It's A LOT.

  2. So True! We all need to turn our auto pilots off and be more aware of the time the Lord has given.

  3. Great advice Roxy! We definitely need to live in the moment, enjoying the life He has given to us. Always remembering to point to Him along the way.

  4. Such good advice and much needed in today’s world. Thank you.

  5. I chose to live in Joy and Peace and Savoring Sweet Moments, Roxy. Even in the worst of times we are luckier than most. I have always believed that God wants us to find joy in the small things of everyday life. xo Diana


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