Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happily Married

Christmas Memories

When I stop to think of all the Christmas's past. my heart
wells with love.
For because of God's great mercy He gave me
a husband that loved me well.
It was not always as great as it is now.
But there was so many things we did not understand, or know about
in those first couple of years.
A great marriage is a relationship
that must be nourished and prayed over daily.
It is learning to love and esteem the other better then yourself.
It is about putting them first and his needs.
Dying to myself was most painful as a young
self centered spunky gal.
As a newly married women I had no one to mentor me in
 the skills of being a Godly women.
And most importantly a Godly wife.
We both new something was not right, but we had no
examples to follow and we had no maturity
in the word of God.
But in God's great mercy he made us aware of a  conference,
that was for marriages.
We went and it was a whole weekend filled with:
How to have a Godly Marriage.
What we learned that weekend was truly a gift from the Lord.
The truth is not always easy.
But the truth will always bring life , love and hope.
My desire and prayer as I walk in this marriage,
is to be an example to others.
And to have an encouraging word.
Marriage is what God had in His heart,
so we had someone to share this life with.
Encourage yourself in your own marriage,
and make the effort to honor and cherish your mate.
Ask God for the help and resources you may need,
to make your marriage strong, and wonderful.
I still reach for my books to read about how to be a Godly wife.
It is like a good recipe, tried and true,
yet at times you need to add a little pinch of this,
or a dash of that.


  1. I have also learned some of those same lessons Roxy and like yourself when I first started out there were no mentors to show me what it meant to be a Godly wife, mother and homemaker. So many of the older women at church worked outside the home and simply didn't have the time and probably were not the best to be mentoring anyway. But the Lord did turn my heart towards home and taught me much through His Word and through some Godly women authors such as Elisabeth George.Your post has reminded me that our wedding anniversary is coming up - between Christmas and New Year. We will celebrate 23 years of marriage. May you have a most blessed Christmas and thank you for sharing so many words of wisdom through your blog.

  2. Wow! Life Lessons is trying and hard at times and then you add a marriage into it and it sometimes can be overwhelming. If it wasn't for you and Danny walking and teaching us through our marriage, we probably wouldn't be who we are today. I can't express it enough to you, that you have been my encourager thoughout this life and walk through Christ. I love all the self-help books and all, but it is so nice to know I can always count on you to teach me something new or just the simple truth and kind words. Of course you know our Anniversary is next month and I can't beleive we made it to 16 years! Through the ups and downs, we couldn't have done it with out you and God! Thank you so much!
    Love you Always.....

  3. Its late here, but I couldn't help but visiting your delicious blog now that we are back online. And I couldn't help but leave a comment on this picture of you and Danny. You two just warm my heart! I need to get off to bed and I haven't read one word yet, but I will be back to fully catch up tomorrow sweet friend! Merry Christmas Roxy and Danny! XOXOXO

  4. Roxy,
    I have just had the pleasure to catch up on your sweet blog. I am so blessed. You got me so inspired for Christmas, to be a Godly wife, and as always you gave me a nice laugh! You are such a dear friend and I am so thankful you are in my life.

    Much love to you!!
    ~ Marie,
    Oh your Grand babies are so beautiful Roxy! Zane and Ezra loved your sweet little Elf! They squealed every time I would scroll down and up when they would see him!
    And Zane loved your Divine weapons post! He definitely approved :)
    LOVE you
    ~ Marie

  5. Roxy, I am back and have thouroughly enjoyed this posts word for word! Reading your words of wisdom always brightens up my day. I just loved what you had to say. Love you.......

  6. My heart is blessed tonight as I have read these lovely and encouraging comments! I want to thank you sweet ladies for speaking into my life. I so enjoy seeing that you have stopped by. Blessings, Roxy

  7. Such great thoughts here. Thanks for sharing, Roxy.

  8. Oh Wow, this was an amazing, beautiful, timely precious post. Such wisdom and encouragement. Our sweet young girls need this, now more than ever. Very well written.

    What a lovely time we had today ha? I just got through telling the girls all about it. Thank you for coming and sharing a such a sweet, cozy memory and a wonderful "pause" from the chaos.

    Love and Blessings,


  9. Dear Roxy,
    I am so blessed by your words of truth, joy, and early conviction. Praise God for His getting you to that conference. Was it, by any chance, a Weekend To Remember? by Family Life Today? We have attended several, too, and it has been very helpful!
    Thank you for coming to visit and allowing me to get to 'meet' you. Your blog is so edifying and encouraging. Maybe you would consider sharing certain posts (on the 'EOA' Wednesday link-up) that would give insight to the younger gals occasionally.
    May the Lord shower you with His grace and peace this blessed CHRISTmas as we celebrate His coming to earth to show the way!


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