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How To Be The Best House Guest...

How to be the Best House Guest, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Are You A Wonderful House Guest?

We read and talk a lot about being a wonderful hostess;
But, I think we hear very little about how to be a thoughtful guest!

Times have changed, as years ago, it seemed like there was more company.

 And I might ask when was the last time you had
Overnight guest in your home?

Do you even have a guest room, or just a comfortable space
For someone to stay in?

 This post may not interest some of you.
But, I always like to think that when, after my husband and I leave
Someones home, they will say; Now, that was a very nice visit!

The goal is for them to one day to want to invite you back!
Or to want to come visit you at some time!

You probably have all heard that saying;
"Company is a bit like fish, after three days it begins to stink"

So firstly, I will open with this thought.
Do not overstay your visiting!
Short but Sweet...

That is, even if you are just having dinner in someones home!
The host may need to get up early the next morning.

When staying overnight in someones home,
 Always let your guest be aware of how long you plan on staying.
To make sure it does not impose upon their life and plans.
Give them an idea of your schedule for what is in the plans for each day!

Ways to be a great house guest!

Be aware of their schedules.

Show some interest in their home and their design and style.
Their hobbies and their family and even their work!

Keep the bathroom clean!

Help clean the kitchen, dishes and such!

Keep the room you stay in clean and tidy, make the bed!

Help with the meals!

Buy some of the groceries!

Give the hostesses some personal space;
Everyone needs a little bit of that!

Just relax and enjoy their hospitality and home.

Leave a note thanking them! 
Or a small thank you gift!

Clean up what you have used while visiting.
(Take the sheets off the bed)

Don't forget to take some pictures!

Showing Hospitality is a wonderful thing!

It's always nice to create memories and see new places and
Spend time with old friends and even make new friends!

Do you have any tips for being The Best House Guest?

Blessings, Roxy


  1. I've been thinking about my comment for this post.
    I think one of the ways to be "The Best House Guest", is to be cheerful.
    And along with that, no grumbling, gossiping, sulking and smile.
    I think attitude is really important. Nobody wants to be around a grumpy person.

  2. We love to have people over. Our dream was to have a bed and breakfast, although as we have grown older and I have had physical challenges, that dream has dimmed. However, we still host people a lot. Friends and aquaintences passing through our town stay with us to save the costs of hotels. That's fine with us...more chance to visit than just a dinner at a restaurant. We often have visiting missionaries or Bible college students stay with us. We have two guest rooms with queen size beds in each, so we have lots of room and love the company.
    You have made a lot of good points on being a good guest and some I hadn't thought of. The ironic thing is, we rarely stay with anyone besides our children because we don't like to impose. We pay for a hotel. That's crazy I know, because we never, ever view our guests as imposing on us. :-)
    Have a lovely day my friend.

  3. Great advice, Roxy! We try and not use people's hospitality as a 'hotel'. I find that rather offensive when people have done that to us.

  4. Dear friend, I always am blessed by your thoughtful messages.
    Thank you
    Trish Clark

  5. Wonderful points! When we have had a guest stay, she did everything on the list your wrote. She was the best guest!

  6. Hi Roxy, thank you for this thoughtful post. I hope I've never overstayed my welcome :), you've given me many things to think about.
    Blessings to you ~ linda

  7. My children and I were blessed by a family taking us into their home at an out of town church function whom we did not know. I brought homemade gifts the couple seemed crazy about when we presented them. We pitched in as they were an older couple and they just ate up the kids jumping in to help even if it was to carry the mail to the box. ;-)

    Yes, go the extra mile and strip the beds, vacuum the space your stayed, start the laundry, dry and put up the dishes, or even sweep the kitchen. Make sure they will WANT you back and even invite them to your home!

    Even if one did not have a nice time, leave the place better than when you found it as everyone leaves on a high note which I believe pleases God.

  8. Dear Roxy, so true what you’ve so thoughtfully shared, that try to do the right thing every time and pray to that end when staying even if it s family.
    I once had a friend stay who was a nightmare. She invited herself and her mother for a few days, stayed a week, and each time I requested something be done in such and such a way because of my limitations she ignored my request. I tolerated it for her darling mum’s sake , because she wasn’t thoughtful to her either at times either. I just don’t think she listened to herself. She might’ve been shocked if she had.
    I think with poor health it’s harder to be a good hostess but I still love my friends and family staying and do my best. Very blessed to have mostly wonderful folk come to stay.. and stay with them in return,
    Lord bless Roxy,
    Love Shaz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  9. Hi Roxy. Found out about your hospital visit from Lady Lydia's blog and have been praying for your recovery. Glad to learn you are home and will continue lifting you up in prayer.

  10. Received an update.

    Most of us may not know your phone number, address or even hospital you stayed at, but that does not mean we are not thinking of you dear lady.

    Lydia is such a wonderful friend keeping us updated on your situation. There are allot of us that worry about kind people as yourself, your family and situation.

    Love is thinking and praying over issues that plague us.

    We love you, Roxy and hope you make it home and feel better very soon.

  11. I just discovered your blog and I feel like I'm stepping into an old time parlor! Lovely.

    Being and hosting a guest can both be fun....or horrid! I've been lucky in that my guests have always been considerate. I hope that I always have, as well. My MIL was our most common guest, usually for a week or more. She was always very good about everything. I always tried to make sure she had some time alone with my husband so they could talk privately.

    I've heard horror stories from my friends & family, especially the ones that live in *vacation locales*. My mom told stories of "the long, long summer" she & my grandma had when the family first moved to the Hollywood area of Southern Cal from New Mexico. My mom said that nearly every week, relatives would call to say they were visiting. She said that some of her younger cousins (in their 20's) were horrible. They laid out by the pool expecting to be served and one non-related wife actually requested a different meal from everyone else!! My mom said that my quiet grandma literally exploded into anger and there was talk of her chasing everyone out of the house with a broom! I can't even imagine!!!
    And I can't imagine how rude they must've been to drive such a gentle woman to that point.

    Your tips are great. I always make a point to buy and take care of my own breakfast, rent a car, call and see if they need anything while I'm out, buy a dinner for the family, & send a gift card and thank you when I get home.

    I hear that you're recovering. I wish you the best & said a prayer for a quick recovery!

  12. Great post Roxy, and timely too as summer is upon us! I appreciated all of your ideas of ways to bless your hosts for opening their home to you.

    Lydia has shared on her blog that you are having some health concerns, and just wanted to let you know I am praying for you! Blessings!

  13. wishing you a speedy recovery in hospital and a quick recovery at home. read of your hospital visit at home living blog. hope all goes well for you Ann

  14. Hi Roxy
    I hope and pray you are getting better and will be home real soon to recover!


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