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Our Time
Time  Is Ticking

Time Is Precious

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Sea Shells
Time Make's Them More Beautiful

Some are smooth
Some are pointy and rough
Some are shiny.

 Beauty comes in His time.
There is something about sea shells.
To find one as you walk on the sea shore, a treasure to keep.
Time is also a treasure!
It is a gift
Each day brings a new dimension.
Calm and beautiful
Dry and dusty
Snow and cold
Windy and hot
Always changing!
Yet. There is nothing new under the sun.
I say live and live with all the gusto He has given you!
Say no to the fears that come!
Change is not an enemy;
Make the time,
You are to be the master of it and to assign the day to His flow.
To be rigid and not flexible will cause you to break.
A sea shell is not so fragile it cannot take the rolling and tossing
Of the waters force and the constant  waves.
Make the time to be all He has made you to be,
An amazing woman!
Called in this day and hour to be His treasure.
Living From Glory To Glory


  1. That's beautiful Roxy xx


  2. Looking at such lovely seashells reminds me how God took such care in creating every creature. Enjoying your posts!

  3. Yes, time is of the essence! Enjoy it and take a new adventure! You never know what God has in store for you if you do. Such a sweet and encouraging post! Keep them coming.

  4. Beautiful sentiments, and such lovely photography of your shells! I love this post!


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