Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Big Or The Best...

Welcome Aboard
 The luxuries of the very wealthy!!
You can own this floating mansion for only
$5.7 million dollars.
The cost was just reduced!
Talking about getting a bargain...
A Vacation Home!
Belonging to someone...
A pretty mint green in color with a boat to match.
Now, this is living!!
Well, at least for some!
Back to my real world...
We had such fun on our children's sailboat on our last visit to Florida
 A fewYears back.
I guess seeing the pictures and experiencing just  
Where and how the real wealthy lived.
Made a big impact.
The real interesting part of all this is, I love my life!
I am so happy with the portion God has given me.
We are so rich in His love!!
We are blessed with every spiritual blessing.
"Big is not always better."
"If you take the left, then I will go to the right; \
If you go to the right, then I will go to the left'
(Genesis 13:9).
Many of us do not continue to grow spiritually
Because we prefer to choose on the basis of our rights or wants!
Instead of relying on God to make the choice for us.
Yes, I have rights that are given to me. But sometimes I can
use this wrongly to my harm.
We must allow the Lord to help us choose the best, not just
The biggest or the grandest.
Here is my home sweet home!!



  1. I love your sweet home! The red chairs out front, that looks like a very relaxing place to enjoy your days!

    Contentment in the Lord brings contentment in all areas of our lives, doesn't it? We learn that things do not bring true joy, only knowing Him does.

  2. I love this post....if only everyone understood that money can't buy happiness or contentment. We need to be happy with what the Lord sees fit to bless us with, not matter how much or little it is...:) Love your home and your red chairs are fabulous!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. I love your outlook on life, Roxy. You have such a sweet spirit and I love your dear home. You have such a good heart and it just shines through your words. Blessings- xo Diana

  4. Hi there, I just came over from Diana's, and see that you live in my state. I wonder where in Colorado you are? We are between F.C. and Greeley.
    I loved your profile, we have much in common(besides our love for Jesus)-we have two daughters and 10(soon to be 11 grands). I'm going to follow you, since we could be neighbors; we are sisters though.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. True words, Roxy! All we have to do is watch one episode of Entertainment Tonight to know money is not the answer to the hole within us. Love those red lawn chairs!

  6. Yes, it is so true! I love seeing these pictures though! I miss you sweet Roxy! I am delighted to be able to visit your beautiful blog. Have you had your visit to Florida yet? I have been thinking of you all so often. We love you!!

  7. I love your post Rox, It is so good, and your house looks so cozy with your gorgeous green lawn. and precious red chairs. I loved your "Yacht Sale" at the beginning that made me laugh. I remember going through a little tour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida looking at all those huge yachts and expensive homes, and one of the yachts which was half the size of the others was called "Poverty Sucks"... It made me laugh out loud. I am sure the person had a great sense of humor knowing that he lived in prosperity, but only half that of his neighbors. I am so rich in Jesus. It doesn't matter to me what my neighbors have; I don't want anything other than what He wants for me. I have such blessings in my life, and my success is having joy and great contentment where ever and however I am, because I trust in Him, and I love His love for me. Love ya and talk to you soon.

  8. So glad to have you visit me!
    Thank you for your sweet comments regarding my blog and my recent posts. I am glad to meet you.
    This post is very inspiring. I am very grateful for my wonderful life.... for my wonderful husband and children.
    I seldom think about having "more" but... when my husband and I heard about the BIG lottery we bought a few tickets. Didn't win a thing but I thought about all the wonderful things I could do with that kind of money. I'm not interested in mansions or yachts..... but rather taking care of family, Cancer Research, Missionary Works and Animal Shelters... just to mention a few. I wish they would change the lottery system.... and give away 600 $1 million dollar prizes instead of one $600 million dollar prize. So many more lives could be impacted and great things could be accomplished. I would love to be the secret millionaire that gives away money at random.
    You have a lovely and very inspiring blog! I will visit again soon.
    Sister in Christ,


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