Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just Call Me

Just Call Me!
How many times have you heard this as you were walking away from someone?
How many times have you said this to someone as you were leaving them?
Help me Lord to follow through!
Hello to all of my blogger friends, I have been on a lovely visit
With my daughter and her family in Florida.
It was really wonderful to see her home and her life there.
Our grandchildren are getting so big and smart.
My thought today is this;
We are living in different times, and most families have at
least a few of their children living in another state,
Or city, or another country.
Staying connected becomes a wee bit harder.
I have learned many matters of the heart with this!
God places us in our boundaries.
He places us where it is best and we will grow there,
If we will look at what He is doing!
Being connected is so important,
We are not called to be an island in the stream.
As I was on this trip, one thing was really prominent to me.
I was in many airports and restaurants and all over the place.
And it was the same thing I observed,
It was this;
Everyone was looking down!!
Gazing into cell phones, ipads and screens of many colors!
I heard in my spirit;
Look up for your redemption draws nigh.
When was the last time you put down these distractions?
And really looked into someones face.
Or really picked up the phone and had a good chat??
Just Call Me!

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  1. I can identify with your thoughts today, Roxy! I hosted a dinner recently where everyone under the age of 40 was looking at their smartphones throughout the whole meal. It seemed very hurtful to me, but they don't see a problem. Like you, I thought about how God must feel when we don't look at Him, or communicate with Him or with others in a loving way.


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