Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cat and Max...

Here is the one who sleeps all day and plays all night!
Cats are really nocturnal...

Her name is Jasmine
 And my sweet Hubby got her for me on Valentines Day.

She is about 5 years old, and loves to eat and sleep.
Now can you see that little dog down on the floor?
His name is Max.
Now that little guy is a dog that belonged to my Mother and Father.
My mother passed away about 6 years ago, she went to be with the Lord
 now Max became my Dad's dog.

Now, this is what happened:
 My Dad arrived on Sunday night and we had only 3 days together and he passed away.
 I truly believed he knew he was dying,
 and he made the long travel by car so he could get his little guy safely to the family.
 Now Max belongs to me.
Now Jasmine is still wondering will this little doggie ever go home?
 I got news for you (cat)
I am Home!

Max did pass away shortly after my Father died;
And now Jasmine is 10 years old.

One thing I can say about having a house cat is this;
We do not ever have mice in the house;
As she takes her job very seriously!

Blessings, Roxy

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