Saturday, February 20, 2010

Noah My Grandson...

Here is one of my most treasured gifts from the Lord,
 Noah walked with God, Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord Genesis 6:8-9.

 Prophesy, speak words of life and health over your children.
 All of my Grandchildren, will walk in their inheritance, because
  I will call those things into being and they shall come to pass.
 I have the privilege and honor to plant seeds in all of my grandchild's life.
 I plant them when I speak to them and about them to others.

Your words that these little ones hear will produce the fruit of what is heard by their own ears.
 The word they hear will either produce 
Faith and Encouragement,
 Joy and Strength,
 Righteousness and Truth,
 ~Which produce Life~
Remember, even our little lambs given to us from the Father will become
 What you say over them. 
 So lets start being mindful of what you say and speak into their lives.

Training Hint:
 Through my years of being with the little ones,
 I have found that if I will just speak to them in a tone of a kind voice, yet in a suggestive (great idea) mode their little eyes look up to say hey, (great idea).
 Really, The all in control mode is not always the best approach for all kids. Like Noah!
 He will remind you, Be Nice Omma, or Papa.


  1. Hey Rox,
    I agree with what you are saying; "speaking life" into our families is so important. You have an awesome grandson there. I love his name.

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