Friday, August 6, 2010


Don't you just love the word serendipity?

   It means the gift of finding good things accidentally!
 Now that is where I have a little trouble as I believe there is no accidentally anything
In a believer's life.

I do expect to find good things in each and every day.

I pray for God's favor and blessings all the time!!
This post is on the word I heard the Lord speak to my heart the other day.
 As I was looking out into our wide and open land, I heard the word (serenity)! I was just filled then and there with His peace. I realized once again He knows what each of us needI find that I do require open spaces around me. I love the peace and quiet of the country.
I have asked myself at times now why did we move way out here? Ohhh! The serenity and the awesome ability to hear His still small voice.
Now, I just want to be realistic here: My three grandson's live right next door, and there are occasions like every day I hear them screaming. But I have learned the fine art of selective hearing, and locking my screen doors.
I have had the best time this last week just reading fun, inspirational Christian books, (with the door locked)
 I so love all that He has given me!
 The gift of finding good things...



  1. This is so sweet Rox, yes, serenity and serendipity are delicious words. I think they go together well. I have a great sense of peace and serenity whenever I delight in all that I have and all that I find along the way, knowing that our Lord, as you say does not lead us along a path of "accidentally" but of His providence. Our delight is to find those things that He is giving us and showing us isn't it? I believe that childlike sense of wonder in us delights Him. Thanks for your comments on my blog. We are all still under the weather over here. Himilce got really sick poor thing. Hope to be up and around by tomorrow, its our last day. Hoping for a serendipitous day (smile). Love you Roxy,

  2. Oh I love you so much Roxy, you sure gave me such a serene moment as I read your lovely post on Serendipity. I believe the Lord has also been speaking to me about it. I have felt such serenity this last week.

    Thanks so much for letting us into your heart and enjoying all the love and peace that is there. I love you so much :) Wishing I could come and visit you and chat over a long cup of tea :(

    ~ Marie

  3. What a wonderful posting. We love you so much! Thanks for all your prays.
    Love Ashley


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