Monday, July 22, 2013

Dreams From Him...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I am a dreamer, 
I believe that in this quiet time of rest my mind and emotions,
our not racing to the beat of the world's pace.

I take these dreams and I inquire of the Lord;
I ask Him for anything I might need to learn from them.
Sometimes I need to repent or ask the Lord to take the memory away.
Our dreams come from three different sources.
The first is our imagination or flesh.
The second is the enemy.
The third is the Holy Spirit.
The night season is a special time for us to rest and too
allow our bodies to gain strength.
Sleep is an amazing gift from the Lord.
We shall lie down and not be afraid of the terrors at night.
But rather we shall rest and be revived.
We shall dream dreams!
And we shall pray and lift these up to the Lord,
As only He can use what we dream to bring it to pass,
I believe some of our dreams are given to us as a warning.
That we may intercede,
 That the destruction or evil will not come to pass.

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
We are always to be about our Father's business!
Day and night
Night and day
Let our incense arise...
Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Dear Roxy
    I can see that you are quite a romantic kind of person! Me too. Yes, dreams can be such a blessings and I know that our Lord speaks to us often through dreams. I had a dream the other night that was quite disturbing that I didn't know what to make of. When I read your words, I knew that I have to start praying for these people. Thanks.
    Blessings XX

  2. Hi Roxy! How beautiful that you remember your dreams. Surely God wants to speak to you, and allows you to remember his message.

    To my way of thinking, you have a very special gift. I am sure you treasure it!

    Always good to be here :)

  3. Beautiful thoughts and words Roxy...and photos too. Are you at the beach? I love to get up early when I go to the beach to go walking, watch the sun rise, look for shells, and talk to the Lord. Thanks for sharing...Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  4. Blessings to you Roxy, Once again a wonderful post! I am of Irish decent and know the Irish are known as dreamers too. Since I became a believe, so many years ago, the Spirit would give a dream or revelation about someone. Not knowing it was a prophetic word, I would share the dream(usually about some I knew being pregnant). It only happened occasionally but I always cherished those dreams as from the Lord. In fact, I've often inquired as to why I'm not given them now or a word of knowledge. Love how He works in our lives and His timing is always perfect.
    Sending hugs your way; I'll be on vacation for a bit but will come back here when I return.

  5. Hi Roxy,

    New here and loved your beautiful post on your dreams. I wish I could remember more of mine. Love your photos. Linking with Living Proverbs 31. Kim at Pouring Down Like Rain.

  6. Foxy,

    Your words and dreams are a gift.

    God bless you for sharing.



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